Starting Out…


I will be using this blog to post reviews on all the Gundam models and Fix Figurations I have. You can read the “About” page (which I will update from time to time) to see what I planned to do with this blog. I will try to put something in every week as I work towards building every Gundam models I’ve stashed away for years.

This blog will not only help provide a view on particular models but also as a place for me to keep track of my modeling progress over time so I can look back on it for future reference for whatever reason.

I’ll put my models up in chronological order starting with my very first MG and work up towards my current unbuilt ones to get my whole collection in but alas, that means this will be one boring (and old) blog for awhile ^_^;

I’ll do my best to get the “old” stuff out of the way ASAP and work on stuff people are interested like the MG Impulse and MG Shin Musha that I’ve already pre-ordered.

I’ll try to keep this blog real and running! Wish me Luck


One thought on “Starting Out…

  1. Just like to say that I really lke your blog! It’s interesting, especially to someone, like myself, who is new to Gunpla.

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