“Too much high power man!”

While attempting to change the Zeta Gundam’s pose…

I guess I forgot about how fragile the kit is and exerted too much force on trying to twist its arm so it snapped >_<

I tried gluing it back but for some very odd reason, the krazy glue didn’t even make it stick! I guess I’ll just finish typing up the review and post what I have of the new photos until I can fix the arm T_T


3 thoughts on ““Too much high power man!”

  1. Just randomly found your blog when looking for inspiration for my own gundam kits… Have you thought about maybe drilling a bit out of the arm and the stump and putting in some small magnets? They might hold it in place and allow it to turn/pivot in that area (if that’s what you want)… As for krazy glue not working, there are other options… Might want to try a two-part epoxy.

  2. driling and magnets? that seems a bit too sophisticated for me ^^; I like the idea though. The Zeta’s arm is fixed now and can still turn :D

  3. I was searching reference of Z-gundam for my model, it piss me off I can’t find anything useful on the stupid net. Anyway here my advise, use make a very small drill to both side (make sure the hole from both side match the position), use a small metal rod (easiest way is to use the one on paper clip) and super glue to connected both side. Anyway good luck.

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