Huge Pile…

What’s this?! New shipment? Suddenly Acquired FigureS?!

No… it’s actually all the models and GFF that I need to build. Excluding recent models like the MG Impulse, most of them have been shelved for at least six months to over a year.  My goal is to finish 90% of this pile by the end of this year. You can take this as a little preview of what to expect to see here down the road :)


4 thoughts on “Huge Pile…

  1. Yup Yup. This should be enough to restrain me from buying Gundam models for the rest of the year… or not. Haha.

    “Just wondering, if you’re into gunpla why do you buy the MSiA figures?”

    Hmm… don’t know how to really answer this ^_^;… Well, they both make great display pieces. I started collecting GFF because there was a long period of time where I absolutely have no time and room for more gunpla and just wanted something quick to play with.

    By the way… Fix Figurations aren’t MSiA. They’re two different lines and almost polar opposites of each other. Only thing they have in common is that they’re both “completed figures”.

  2. Very nice selection of Gundam kits you have… great display shelves too! your doing great man… nice collections! :)

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