Gunpla How-To Page

Do you like to build Gunpla and want it to look good without having to painting? I know I do and too lazy to paint. Finally up is “My Tools” page that highlights the general steps I take to build my models and the tools I use. I hope it can give some new pointers to people who are starting out and just want some new insight. Please take the time to check it out, it’s a long page ^_^

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It’s an Avalanche!!!

Taking someone’s suggestion, I decided to start on my 1/100 Avalanche Exia. This will be my first 1/100 Gundam 00 model and I’m looking toward the finished product. Of course, I’ll be taking my SWEEEEEEEET time with it as usual so allow me some time xD. Hopefully be done by Wednesday but I can’t promise anything though ^_^;

I’ve received numerous praises and questions on how clean I built my models so  I’ll also be using this model to write up a page on the tools I use and how I build my models. It won’t exactly be a tutorial but hopefully, some of you will find it useful :)

On another note, I’m going to start taking pictures in higher resolution as I’m beginning to be unsatisfied with my past photos resolution (640×480). I can’t seem to capture the feeling I want with that size. How does 800×600 (see images above) and 960×720 (see my GFF RX-78-2)  sound to everyone? I’ll also begin to ditch the “gallery” format that I’ve been using this whole time (basically dumping all uploaded images onto the page as thumbnails) and start uploading each image ONE AT A TIME and actually inserting into the post (see GFF RX-78-2).

Suggestions or ideas, anyone? ^_^

Z Tidbit

This is something new I’ll do regularly with each post from now on. This part of the post is basically me talking about myself, my thoughts, rants and how my life is going and whatnot.. for you to get to know me better personally. In other words, the acutal “blogging” from me xD.

For the first tidbit (technically second, if you count my previous post ^^;), I’ll share my general thought on Gunpla- fitting for a tidbit since this is what my blog is about ^_^.

Okay… I collect and build Gundam models mostly for the “Gundam” and not so much for the “model”. This is why I don’t paint them. Compared to people like Danny Choo, Gundamaniac, and Martin Wandering, I feel ashamed to actually call Gunpla one of my hobbies; I put nowhere near as much effort as they do xD. Now you probably have this question- “Why not just collect MSiA then?” – Simple. I hate MSiA. Period. They are ugly, low quality, and small (remember, this is my opinion). I want my Gundams to look great as a display and I like them a little bit bigger. Building them myself also makes it fun and more enjoyable than simply having two MSiA “clothesline” each other >_>. There’s also a sense of productivity for me while building a model :). I started plastic snap-on stuff (usually from those toys that come with a candy) around the age of 6 or 7 and my first gunpla at the age of 11 with the 1/100 Double X. I BUILT THAT MODEL WITH MY BARE HANDS! Nothing else! XD

This is all for today. Hope that wasn’t too long of a read. More for later :)


I know this is ULTRA GHETTO but I can really care less xD. My only  lighting for building gunpla is this lamp and it snapped yesterday. It’s night time now so I have to do something temporary to get it up so I can see that I’m building Avalanche properly. AND IT WORKS!

Watashi wa Z desu~… O_O

I have some new loot sitting in my car but I forgot to take them out xD. Now that I’m not working on anything (yet), I can finally take this time to talk about myself a little… something I haven’t done before on this blog of mine. Hope I won’t ramble on for too long…

Me and Life

I’m Z… yes, it’s my real name. The only other language I can speak (but not read) is Cantonese plus enough Japanese to almost get myself around. Currently, I’m old enough to join the army but not old enough to buy alcohol (I don’t drink anyway) and spend most of days in college, work, and anywhere but home (why I take ridiculously long to finish a model). I would love to relax at home though.  I don’t like to call myself “very busy” but it is hard to find myself being home the whole day since I always have plans. I was on a path to becoming an electric/computer engineer since HS but got bored of the field and wanted to do something new… very new… so I’ll be starting my prerequisites for Dental Hgyiene soon. Can you imagine that? From dissecting computers in Micro-Computers to dissecting animal parts in Anatomy & Physiology o_0. I’ll see where that goes…

Free time… When I’m not busy, I like to drive around (to an actual desintation) if I’m going out with friends, tour around the city (third pic), or around a park if I’m by myself (second pic). Photography has became a side hobby for me and I’m always trying to improve my camera skills (hence my abundance of photos ^_^;). I barely play games but when I do, it’ll only be the ones pictured above :D. I don’t watch TV. I generally hate parties. I hate drinking. I hate fake people- why bother knowing you if you’re not real? I have more respect for people who admit they’re a scum than lying to everyone and being a scum underneath… just an example ^_^;

Me and Music

Music is VERY important to me. It’s more than justt sounds to me. I love music… although I listen mostly to Chinese (hello Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom) and Japanese (Hello… anime songs xD) stuff, I actually don’t care where the music originates as long as it’s… music to my ears. I especially love music that is moving, meaningful, gets me motivated, or sets the mood. You know, music with substance. I absolutely LOATHE music (if I can even call it that) that has someone talking about how fifthy rich he/she is, doing drugs, sex, rolling on 22″ wheels and… whatever garbage they want to brag about. I don’t mind if others like it but I hate these kind of ear trash and avoid it like a plague.

I’ll stop here for now and cover more later, bit by bit, since I don’t want to make too long of a post ^_^