Half Way…

Even though it’s work in slow progress, the model is already half done ^_^. I painted the thrusters just to test new things out and used various nub spots throughout the body to discover new techniques for hiding them so there might be random off-colored dots here and there xD.


6 thoughts on “Half Way…

  1. I just bought my first Gundam model… it’s actually a “Dom Trooper ZGMF XX09T” 1/144 Scale Model Gundam Seed-30.
    Do you have any advice on where I can find the necessary paint and ink pens? Is there an online store?
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi! congrats on your first model!
    If you’re in the US, you should check out http://www.gundamstoreandmore.com since they have one of the best price around for the gundam paint markers without the killer shipping charges. I bought from them a couple of times before; they have great service and speedy shipping. Have fun!

  3. hey thanks man – can I ask a quick question?
    What markers/colors should I get?
    I normally paint warhammer miniatures and those have a specific white priming then painting process…
    With gundam models to I just prime with a coater or do I prime with specific colors and then paint or do I just detail the platic with the pens (that kinda would look lame, I think)…
    Sorry – I’m a noob :)

  4. Choose the paint color of your choice that you think will loook best for your model :) Matted colors usually look the best for Gundam models. For primers… use lighter primer (gray) for light-colored parts and darker primer for dark colored parts. The gundam paint markers aren’t great for painting an entire piece because it won’t be smooth but they’re nice for little details here and there that doesn’t have large surface area. Do pick up GM01 and GM02 though since they are for panel lines. Even though I’m saying all this, I don’t paint my models; I just detail it with the markers and stuff as much as I can and clean it up as nice as I could xD (only on rare occasions that I MUST).

  5. Have fun and take your time. Painting my models kinda go against the purpose of this blog since I want to show people how the model looks like out of the box (“home look”) ^_^. I’m not hesitant to paint if I’m not satisfied with the results though… xD

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