Hand Mod

Here’s a pretty popular mod. Chopping the RX-78-2’s three-finger piece into individual fingers allow for some added articulation in the hand and creative finger posing xD. It’s not a hard mod but caution should still be taken. I cut off the ball joints first then just carefully rip the fingers apart slightly to make room for my X-Acto to cut through the plastic connecting the fingers together. After that, just clean it up and it’s all good. Cue to the obligatory finger gesture pose >_>;;

Side Note: Something is very fishy about my image uploader… I checked to see how much space I have left and this is what it said “141.2 MB used, 2.9 GB (95.4%) upload space remaining“. This is impossible because I remember seeing it down to 92% a long time ago. My GFF images alone takes up 200+ MB. This blog also have over 2000 images in various sizes. I clicked through some of my pages (old and new) and see that all the pictures are still intact. Maybe this is just misleading information? ^_^; If you’re browsing through my blog and found a broken image, please let me know :)


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