It’s an Avalanche!!!

Taking someone’s suggestion, I decided to start on my 1/100 Avalanche Exia. This will be my first 1/100 Gundam 00 model and I’m looking toward the finished product. Of course, I’ll be taking my SWEEEEEEEET time with it as usual so allow me some time xD. Hopefully be done by Wednesday but I can’t promise anything though ^_^;

I’ve received numerous praises and questions on how clean I built my models so  I’ll also be using this model to write up a page on the tools I use and how I build my models. It won’t exactly be a tutorial but hopefully, some of you will find it useful :)

On another note, I’m going to start taking pictures in higher resolution as I’m beginning to be unsatisfied with my past photos resolution (640×480). I can’t seem to capture the feeling I want with that size. How does 800×600 (see images above) and 960×720 (see my GFF RX-78-2)  sound to everyone? I’ll also begin to ditch the “gallery” format that I’ve been using this whole time (basically dumping all uploaded images onto the page as thumbnails) and start uploading each image ONE AT A TIME and actually inserting into the post (see GFF RX-78-2).

Suggestions or ideas, anyone? ^_^

Z Tidbit

This is something new I’ll do regularly with each post from now on. This part of the post is basically me talking about myself, my thoughts, rants and how my life is going and whatnot.. for you to get to know me better personally. In other words, the acutal “blogging” from me xD.

For the first tidbit (technically second, if you count my previous post ^^;), I’ll share my general thought on Gunpla- fitting for a tidbit since this is what my blog is about ^_^.

Okay… I collect and build Gundam models mostly for the “Gundam” and not so much for the “model”. This is why I don’t paint them. Compared to people like Danny Choo, Gundamaniac, and Martin Wandering, I feel ashamed to actually call Gunpla one of my hobbies; I put nowhere near as much effort as they do xD. Now you probably have this question- “Why not just collect MSiA then?” – Simple. I hate MSiA. Period. They are ugly, low quality, and small (remember, this is my opinion). I want my Gundams to look great as a display and I like them a little bit bigger. Building them myself also makes it fun and more enjoyable than simply having two MSiA “clothesline” each other >_>. There’s also a sense of productivity for me while building a model :). I started plastic snap-on stuff (usually from those toys that come with a candy) around the age of 6 or 7 and my first gunpla at the age of 11 with the 1/100 Double X. I BUILT THAT MODEL WITH MY BARE HANDS! Nothing else! XD

This is all for today. Hope that wasn’t too long of a read. More for later :)


I know this is ULTRA GHETTO but I can really care less xD. My only  lighting for building gunpla is this lamp and it snapped yesterday. It’s night time now so I have to do something temporary to get it up so I can see that I’m building Avalanche properly. AND IT WORKS!


5 thoughts on “It’s an Avalanche!!!

  1. I see you took my suggestion^-^
    Sweet shots,can’t wait to see the work in progress and haha don’t worry take as much time as you need,Slow n’ steady wins the race XD
    *by the way,who’s the little dude?*

    and yes the bigger the better,more resolution the more satisfied the owner and customer:D You should have the “continue Reading” thing so people won’t have to scroll for 5 minutes to get to the last post one the page haha^^

    And it’s good to have personal stuff,let’s viewers say”hey this guy likes this or he acts cool or oh,thats what he thinks” stuff like that, It also lets you express your feelings and tell what you think,thanks to your new posting ways I’ve learned you hate MSIA^^ haha

    Building Gundam is the best part,you have fun constructing it,and really see how the designers came up with the construction.Also has a better bond between you and your Gundam,also makes you relieved and proud that you’ve finished it^^But MSIA are awesome and can be posed in many different ways,sure they have sloppy paintwork but it’s a play thing,don’t want to go play with your MG and break it by accident^^
    *in my opinion XD*By the way I just got a MSIA,don’t think your gonna like it but check it if your interested

    All challenges only toughen you up and you’ll be more experienced and ready to handle bigger problems that make you even more stronger and knowledgeable.Danny had a post about that stuff,I believe it was photo walk 2,great article,check it if you haven’t.

    By the way sorry about your lamp:( ghetto indeed but hey why waste money
    Sorry for the long comment too,just felt like having a conversation^^

  2. The little guy is the SD Gundam NT-1 “Alex”, one of my earlier works and its page is actually on here too ^_^

    I guess since now that I’m actually posting for real, the “continue reading” thingy might come handy. If you look back at posts, they are only about half a paragraph saying that I put up a review page so there weren’t need to shortcut it xD. Now I probably do…

    It’s kinda funny you got the Hazel… it’s actually one of the VERY few MSiA I actually don’t mind and somewhat kinda like (but it’s still something I won’t get…there’s the model for it xD).

    I’ve also read that article of danny’s; I tried not to miss any of his inspirational articles. I also left a huge comment on that post too.

  3. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the page on the tools and techniques. I’m always looking for new insights into the hobby. I’m going to get into GunPla in about a year, once I’m off on my own, and don’t have to ship all the junk down to South America (where they don’t have any of the stuff I need).

    Can’t wait to see the finished model.

  4. Haha, where you said you built it with your BARE HANDS! Lol I know exactly what you mean, I used to do that with my first kits too, twisting and pulling the parts until they came off the runner etc. =D my hands used to hurt so much afterwards! I bet other modelers would scream in horror if they saw me building that 1/100 epyon! Lol

    I didn’t actually realise the Avalanche came with so many runners and parts! I might get one =]

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