New Loot

This package just came in yesterday. So much for reducing my backlog eh? I got myself some new tools and hopefully put them to good use. I’m still lacking masking tape and tweezers orz My only source of model lighting — a fluorescent lamp– snapped yesterday so I don’t have any proper lighting to build my models and display properly ToT

Since everyone else is doing the RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0 right now, I’m gonna postpone my project until later. Besides… I’m sure you’re sick of seeing me post YET ANOTHER RX-78-2 stuff right? xD Even if you’re not… I am though and I don’t want to do anything RX-78-2 for awhile ahaha >_>. I’ll start on a different project. Suggestions, anyone?


5 thoughts on “New Loot

  1. hmm nice loot haha and yeah I’ve seen a bunch of RX-78-2’s,their getting pretty dull:/ and I’m sorry about the lamp:( get another one soon eh?;) haha hmm a different project…I’ve looked at your gundams and noticed you don’t have any Thrones from Gundam OO,It’d be nice if you can get a Throne*preferably Zwei* and post the finished product:) or maybe a flag,but if you can’t then maybe Avalanche:) I would like to see that:D

  2. yo! been browsing your blog for a while now and I must say your work is great. i make gunplas the same way you do. just build and paint with markers and stuff. nothing big or crazy. but i like it still. anyways i was just wondering where you buy your models. actually im more interested in the stands. anyways keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hey Francis! :)
    Thanks for browsing through here ^_^
    I usually order from for my gunplas and anywhere that throws a huge sale and randomly search ebay for some good deals. As for the stands… so far, I have a bit of a mixed feeling for them since they aren’t exactly made for Gundam models but I’ll see when I actually test it out. They might make for a great alternative to action bases but are actually a lot more expensive; you can get two action bases for the price of one hasegawa flexible stand.

  4. Ahhh i see. Thanks Z. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for your review of Avalanche and your tutorial. But especially for Wing Ver Ka. Can’t wait for mine to arrive. =D

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