Gunpla How-To Page

Do you like to build Gunpla and want it to look good without having to painting? I know I do and too lazy to paint. Finally up is “My Tools” page that highlights the general steps I take to build my models and the tools I use. I hope it can give some new pointers to people who are starting out and just want some new insight. Please take the time to check it out, it’s a long page ^_^

Now that I’m done with my tools page, I can probably speed up the construction process of my Avalanche Exia…

Z Tidbit- Clothes

A bit of a random Z tidbit topic xD. Today I’ll talk about my fashion sense.

I prefer “boring” clothes. Casual, simple, comfortable, practical and understated. Clean. Clothing that lacks heavy graphics and pants that doesn’t have holes and cuts here and there. I wear what “looks like me” to me. Fashion trends? Pff. I could less about what’s popular.

I don’t understand how some people (some of my friends and such) talk about “Oh I NEED (insert clothing here)” then I point out that they already have a few and they stumble and go “well, I… just need another one” (me: …?). They have around 10x more clothes than I do. Wait, 10x is probably an underestimation, maybe more like 20x… all my clothes can fit into one small luggage. I have enough to last two weeks straight. Although I do like nice looking clothes, I don’t shop much. Last time I bought clothes was… 3 years ago. xD

My favorite jacket and shoes:


2 thoughts on “Gunpla How-To Page

  1. Hmm nice,I had a hard time finding the “tools page” but finally spotted it so it’s ok^^,You should really thin out the side bar,that’s a huge list of goodies but it makes it harder for the viewer to find something,maybe making parent category like “GFF” and stuff all your GFF’s in there,idk just a suggestion^-^

    Personal boast~
    Nice Nikies and ??? shirt XD,and wow I’m almost the total opposite with your clothing style,I love all the designs and cool here n’ there touches,but I could care less for fashion trends,plain clothes are for at home or sleeping.And Wow 3 years Z,thats a too long for me maybe a year and then a whole new wardrobe:),old ones get donated unless theirs that fav. shirt ;) haha

  2. ahaha sorry about the sidebar. I actually knew about it being a problem for being so long for awhile now but I haven’t have the time to focus on this blog’s appearance. What’s with me always trying to squeeze out reviews “later” than “very late” ^^;. I mean… just look at this blog! I don’t even have an image header! (though that’s because I need the simplest skin I can get to fit all my reviews without clogging the header like some other ones where they have “pages” on top. Imagine mine!)

    I’ve also been thinking about shoving the reviews under their respective categories or make a parent page. I saw how some people have a “Models/Figure” main page that leads to all their reviews. I like that and tried to see how it worked but haven’t gotten around to it yet. That’s the reason for the “Testing/Testing 2” pages on this blog ^_^; for me to play around with stuff.

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