More Loot…

Not Gundam models this time ^_^

I don’t collect figures but the sheer moe power of Nendoroid Miku compels me. As for Haruhi… I got some great posing ideas if I can pose her as well as I see her on others photos.

Avalanche will be the testbed for the new marker set… I’m almost done with it so there’s no need for WISP (Work in Slow Progress)!


4 thoughts on “More Loot…

  1. Wow nice loot,haha don’t collect figures hunh haha sure~~~ jk:p but yeah that Miku is super cute,she’s just so darn adorable^^and Haruhi,she’s like the most popular Figma:D
    mmmmm can’t wait to see how those markers turn out on Ava:)

  2. ok this is a real dumb question but i haven’t looked into it yet. but what’s new or different about the “real touch” markers?

  3. I’ll answer that in tomorrow’s post. It’s real late for me right now and I just finished Avalanche but I have to wake up real early so I don’t have time to put it up. ^^;

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