A Very Big Post

Finally… My review for the 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia is up. I’ve been trying to complete it the last few days but kept getting held back ^^;

You might noticed a few things in the review:

– I’m changing to a new review format- instead of dumping the whole gallery on you after a wall of text. I’ll now break the photos and review up into parts so it’ll hopefully be easier for you to see and read ^_^. This also means new reviews now takes me a lot longer because I have to upload each photo individually… one at a time orz.

– Photos have a higher resolution now. 960×720 to be exact.

– I got new lighting. A multi-bulb floor lamp :D

Hasegawa Flexible Stand

I bought these as an alternative to the Action Base stands Bandai makes. First off, they are very expensive for what little thing they are and it’s already a risk because you don’t know which model can actually fit on it. Although the stand can hold up Avalanche Exia just fine and doesn’t flex due to weight, I can’t pose him on top of it. Doing so will cause the holding piece to snap (see the middle picture). That means this thing can only take so much pressure. Why the hell didn’t they just mold that as one piece? -_-; Nothing super glue can’t fix though. Once Exia is on it, I could easily just tilt the base in any direction to get my desired aerial effect. This base is very nice but it could be a little less fragile…

Gundam Real Touch Markers

I should’ve bought these markers sooner… they are what I’ve been longing for (almost…) all these years and I only came across these by chance! As you can see… the tips are soft brushes instead of some weird plastic tip. I still don’t understand what exactly “Real Touch” is supposed to mean but after testing it out, I can say I am definitely using it for detailing. The ink flowing out of these markers are *almost* like the panel line pens… but not. They apply on just like the panel line pens and the excess ink is wiped off…but there’s only oh so limited time to do so. The paint is permanent. I don’t know if I tried hard enough or not but I couldn’t get the paint off after awhile. I tested the blue marker on Exia’s shield.

You see… these markers are double-edged swords (as well as double-tipped ^^;). They can cover your nubs perfectly or a lot better than my toothpick-with-paint method OR… they can completely screw up the piece and leave an eyesore on it. I have yet to find out how to use these dangerous markers successfully.

This set has five colors and one other that I don’t quite understand what it really is… Can anyone read that label and tell me what it is? ^^; I heard a few different things… ereaser, blender, mixer… I tried to use it to remove the ink but all I did was got the tip dirtied ToT

July Stats

I noticed some bloggers have the habit of posting up their own monthly statistics so I thought I’d do the same too ^^; (though a bit differently)

For the month of July:

Total views- 21,605 (up from 13,077 in June)

Top Posts:

MG Shin Musha Gundam- 1526 views

MG Ex-S Gundam- 953 views

MG Sazabi- 858 views

Nothing compared to the tens of thousands or millions (hi Danny!) others get but I’m quite happy with it. Very happy actually. I don’t know what else to cover for this section… xD

but anyways,


Just knowing that many of you are finding this blog resourceful or simply entertaining is enough to keep me motivated to continue on with this ^_^. As I continue to blog, I hope more of you will contribute feedbacks, comments, ideas, suggestions, opinions, etc. etc. about my work, myself, or anything and everything actually. This makes both of us more involved here than simply one person posting and another viewing. ^_^

My Next Project


Z Tidbit

Just a bit about my daily life for this tidbit… I’ve been very busy lately. Working, running errands, help getting my mom’s car fixed, trying to find time for friends, building models, fixing other things, playing games, blogging… it just doesn’t seem like I’ll ever have a day to do absolutely nothing with nothing to worry about. Something that I used to be able to do unwantingly and do all the time xD. Not that I want to be that way again though… time is precious and expensive and should be spent as wisely as possible (or as much as I allow or forced myself to). I try to make the most out of one day of my time to get everything that I need and want to get to done. It’s tough but with some courage, will power, determination and not so much procrastination, it can and it will be done ^_^b


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