Wing Ver. Ka WISP

This is my Work in Slow Progress on the MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka so far. Did the same thing to Wing’s orb as Exia’s; I painted the inside green. I hated the brownish gray so I painted any of that color sticking outside into my favorite dark silver metallic color. Still cleaning up the face at the moment.

I bought this kit solely for the sake of having a final practice of putting on stickers and decals before I tackle the MG Unicorn. Saying that, I’ll be more focused on slapping on each and every clear sticker and decal on this kit than actually trying to build it nicely. In other words, it might look ugly ^^;

The tweezers are VERY helpful in easing the pain of having to put on the stickers at weird angles. If I can reach the goal of putting down 90% of the decals and stickers on the model then my next project will be none other than the MG Unicorn. I’ve been wanting to construct that for quite awhile but didn’t think I have THAT much patience.

I don’t wanna give a ETA on this since every time I do, it ends up being delayed xD


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