WISP 3: Wings and Shield

Now that I got the longest, hardest and most tedious parts taken care of (putting the XXXG01 decal on the shield), I might be able to breeze through the rest of the kit…

Can you count how many clear marking stickers are on the wings?


4 thoughts on “WISP 3: Wings and Shield

  1. Garfunkle thats a lot of stickers,probably 30 on just the wings.Those wings look good though and so does the shield:)

    Can’t wait to see the finished Project:D

  2. Nice. Bro i got mine in the mail like two days ago. And am loving it! the white is real nice and so are the rest of the colors. hey any particular strategy for the uneveness for the decal on the shield? where those grooves are?

  3. Gi, you can compare it to my Ver. ka to the W0 Custom when I’m done. Maybe it can help you decide

    Roy, you’re OH SO close. Off by 2. There’s 28 ahah. I’m guessing you probably got fooled by the decals

    Francis, the white is pretty nice. It’s very… white. like my RX-78-2 Ver. Ka. As for the decal, you should do what I did… use masking tape or whatever to hold it (watch out to not apply pressure while you’re doing this) as TIGHT AS POSSIBLE to the plastic. Make it so that it can’t flex nor move. Rub slowly from one side to the other. I messed up a bit as you can see but I’m happy that I even managed to get it on at all……….. ….. Of course, all my effort was wasted since earlier today, my roll of masking tape got stuck on the decal and peeled a lot off, destroying it and so I had to rub it all off T__________T

    That’s okay though… I have a backup plan…

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