Here’s my last progress report before I complete the kit. Hopefully I can get the review up later today or tonight ^_^

and… oh man! I can feel the weight on its back!


5 thoughts on “Last WISP

  1. haha glad your close to completion^^ Were their any difficult parts?Like besides the stickers obviously :P
    Hope fully the weight on her back will be lighter once you put the shield and gun etc..on:)

    She must be feeling an up skirt breeze without her leg huh coverings or whatever you call them^^ The reason I called her a girl is because she has no pants and has a skirt exposing her legs^^ yeah XD Well the model looks very smexy so far,can’t wait to see it completed:D hopefully tonight;)

  2. roy, Calling it a girl is pretty accurate actually…. it has quite the feminine pose!

    oppa, tomorrow ^^;

    Marvin, I actually lost all my patience halfway through and was biting my lips and cursing at katoki for the second half xD.

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