Wing Ver. Ka Review

Here it is! My Wing Ver. Ka review and gallery is finally up. I lost internet connection last night while writing it up so I couldn’t finish it until now.

Now I want to take a long break from modeling…

I want to write up a Z tidbit but I’m a bit short on time so I’ll save it for later ^^;


7 thoughts on “Wing Ver. Ka Review

  1. Very nicely done! I helped my friend with his once, but he isn’t as passionate about Gunpla as we otaku are. In fact, he even sees them as just toys, even Master Grades(SACRILEGE!)… I still need to get meself a Crossbone X-1 Kai Ver. KA, or should I just get a Skullheart?

  2. Thanks. you should definitely get the Skullheart instead. There’s a lot more going on with that kit than the Ver. ka. I have it (not built yet).

  3. Nice job! I also have this kit but ended up with a disaster instead unlike yours lol ^^
    Oh well, at least it was an experience from which I leaned quite a lot that served me for other models. Hoping to see soon your Unicorn project, maybe it will inspire me to start working in some model myself I have stored.

  4. @Dj0nard

    You mean the bootleg one? If you bootlegs go for TTHongLi, 90% Bandai Quality. I have ghd HG 1/144 Legend, good joints but the plastic quality not that good…

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