Z Tidbit: Buroggingu

Didn’t post anything yesterday because I was out the whole day, work in the morning then chillin’ with my friend who just came back for the weekend from his internship. ^_^


I’m waiting for my new supplies to come in (Wednesday or Thursday) before I start on the MG Unicorn. I expect to spend at least a whole week on this model. There’s also *something else* that I’ve been wanting to play with for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it (*hint* see above photo). Should be fun! So while I’m not on a project, maybe I can take this time to talk about some stuff.

One of my main blog goal is to try to have something new to show every week, be it a Gundam model, GFF, or something random. So far I’ve been able to keep it up. Stay active. I’ve been churning out one new MG every week for the past few weeks. I’m very glad some of you are enjoying the reviews I put up ^^;. You reading this is why i continue to do what I’m doing here. Otherwise… I wouldn’t have built a single new Gundam model this whole time. I’ve also been getting praises about my photoshoots which makes me very happy since photography has been becoming a huge hobby for me, closing up on car modding and Gundam models.

Originally, I made this blog just for myself to keep track of my own opinions on my models for my own records. I didn’t expect to actually rack up hits and gain readers ^^; Now I’m actually trying to get into the habit of incorporating more different contents than simply posting updates about my models. I won’t do news though… there’s more than enough sites and blogs that do all that heh.

As for the actual blog itself, I see that it’s getting quite… big. Even with my resolution (1680×1050), I have to scroll some ways to get to the very bottom. I’ve created a private blog where I can mess around with different and simpler themes to group my stuff. When I’m happy with it, I’ll try to change this blog to how I like the new style. It should make this bland blog more aesthetically pleasing I hope xD. I’ll try to make some changes after MG Unicorn and maybe I can actually have a banner by then.

Gundam models… I’m running out of space to put them. Eventually (which could actually be now or very soon), I’ll need to stop building because I have nowhere to place them >_<. My room is kinda empty and all three of my display towers are cramped. My Ex-S is actually on the floor and the last few models are sitting on my photoshoot desk. Must… find…. solution… quick….

I want to try many new things with my Gundam models but if I go too far (like into airbrushing) then wouldn’t I be going against the “home look” purpose of this blog? I think I’m already borderline against it. For those who are confused, my definition of “home look” means showing how a model looks like straight built but with some effort put into it to give an idea of how the model actually looks like; a model that’s built by the average person at home. I think that’ll be more helpful than painting it for someone deciding on a model ^^;. Maybe I can start a whole new line-up of models that consist of my own custom color schemes and modifications… we’ll see.

Okay, this post became longer than I’ve intended so here are some random pictures that I thought were… pretty random (and maybe provide some laughs). Could be old or new to you, it wouldn’t hurt to see it either way.

All these images were sent to me from different people ^^;


6 thoughts on “Z Tidbit: Buroggingu

  1. Nice post^^ I’m glad your getting viewers that are contributing to the site,visiting,commenting,makes it a little funner eh? haha^^
    Can’t wait to see that Figma^^

    And you could always start painting/airbrushing/shading/customizing the Gundams you already put pictures of.Once we see the Home Look of a Gundam you could customize it for yourself.^^


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