Preview and Poll

This is a screenshot of my new layout. Now that I have some free time, I thought I can work on what this blog lacks the most: Organization. I cut out the main part to reduce image size and width. The above image shows the “Main” Master Grade page and you click on the image to go to the actual review. Simple enough right?

Click Nu Gundam for example:

This is where I run into a dilemma: Should I use a fixed width theme or flexible width?

I want a header image but they only come with fixth width which makes my reviews look very narrow and you’ll have to scroll down a lot. Having flexible width make my reviews a lot easier to read as the images aren’t cluttered and lengthening the post; there’s more image in a row.

This is how I see my own pages:

This is how my exia gallery looks like on my monitor using this theme. Using a fixed width changes that to just two pictures per row.

Now… I have a favor to ask all of you who are reading this post ^_^;

Please answer my two polls! It’ll help me decide my layout better :D

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share.

Thank you!


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