Time to Start…

This is it. With these, I’m finally going to start on my MG Gundam Unicorn! I’ll be pouring ALL my effort into this model! Look forward to it! ^_^

Sorry for the lack of real updates for the past few days… I’ll put up something else later today.


8 thoughts on “Time to Start…

  1. Good luck! Painting your gundam is a pretty big step from just building them. I just got my Gouf Custom and construction will begin tomorrow.

  2. Well, i’m not exactly painting my kit entirely but using the paint to detail certain areas. I find acrylics easier to work with for the small detailing than enamel and it can be thinned/cleaned with alcohol (which I use heavily).

  3. In fact any acrylics do the work for minor details, as they are also a lot easier to use and remove if you screw up which may happen once in a while. I take for granted that you are gonna leave the Unicorn in white, as none of your other MG’s have been custom painted. I look forward to it

  4. You’re right, Beamknight. I might not custom paint it but you can expect that I’ll have something a *tad different* up my sleeves -_^b

  5. carefull of the cans.. tamiya is good, but sometimes it sprays a heavy coat and runs, and pools up in some places, so try many light light coats.. don’t be in a hurry! give it enough time to dry.. mabye 10 min between coats.. should turn out fine.. now.. GO get an airbrush! :D

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