Haruhi Presents MG Unicorn Body

Here’s what I got done so far on my MG Unicorn. Taking my SWEEET time as usual. For this model, there’s no need to do panel lines so I save some time but there’s enough to keep me going for about a week or two as is. I’m gonna be keeping my Unicorn project a secret so there won’t be any WISP (“Work in Slow Progress”) after this one. I’ll kindly ask you to look forward to it though ^^;

5 thoughts on “Haruhi Presents MG Unicorn Body

  1. Good luck!

    I’m interested in how you decide whether to do panel lines or not. Is the model already super-detailed enough that you don’t think it’s necessary? (from the picture it kinda looks like the pieces snap together in a way that sorta creates noticeable “panel lines” in the gap between parts).

  2. MechaGear- I want to keep this kit pure white. It just looks OH SO CLEAN that way. I did panel line it before to take a look and decided that it looks better without. If you take a look at the box model for the MG Unicorn, it also doesn’t have any panel lines

    GNdynames- Nothing really fancy in store so don’t get your hype up too much ^^; But something is there… :)

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