More Space!

In the hobby of Gunpla building, space can sometimes be more of a luxury than having the actual Gundam models. With all the master grades that I’ve been building the past month (roughly one MG per week), my room is overflowing and shelf space diminished.

So off I go to Ikea and picked up two Detolfs ^^;. Gotta thank my friends for helping me assemble them in less than two hours. Originally, I didn’t have room for any more Detolfs but after some rearrangments, things worked out. I moved my little bookshelf in front of my windows where my boxes of Gundam models sit and moved them behind my bed.



Now to hope that I don’t get crushed to death by my model boxes when I’m sleeping…

13 thoughts on “More Space!

  1. My Cybuster is beyond trash (a spraypaint project gone horribly wrong) but I’ll see what I can do for the R-1 and R-Gun Powered when I have time. I’m not really fond of the SRW kits since I feel they’re inferior to even the HG/1:100 Bandai kits.

  2. i have an idea.. actually.. you can share the runner in one box for few gundam model.. then you can fold the empty boxes.. it save a lot of space.. if you use the box to store all the extra part.. then maybe you can get a tool box for it.. but you really got a lot of gundam..

  3. Marvin- No way man. Quantity of boxes and unbuilt models have nothing against custom painted and completed models haha

    Gunstray- I thought about that. If I have the PS skill, I would sooo make art out of the boxes.

    Gordon- Good luck man. I checked out your room before and it is indeed stuffed (even under your desk!). How about shelves like Danny’s?

    Feidamu- what GGG kits you have? ^^

    Gi- Awesome! Thanks xD

    V- I’ve thought about flattening some of the boxes many many times but… I don’t know how to decide! Plus I like how it looks all stacked up >_>;

  4. he he, need some shelves myself.. storage here is horrible, add to the fact that both me and the wife are packrats.. :( on gundam boxes i get to a certain point and then colapse the top lids to save the box art, and get rid of the bottoms, and save some runners and extra pieces in one box till the next time!

  5. yeah i know what you mean. the plastic feels pretty funky. BUT the Armored Core are friggin awesome!!! try it one time.

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