Z Tidbit: Vita Drinks

These drinks are the best! I probably grew up drinking these since the age of like 3 or whenever my mom let me use straws. They’re very popular among Chinese people and comes in a lot of different flavor and different drinks like tea, juice, and soymilk. I have yet to try all of them…

The lemon tea is my favorite then comes the original Vitasoy, Vitasoy Coconut, Vitasoy Malt and Chrysanthanum tea. They usually come in a pack of six for $3 and some change. I would love to keep a year-round supply at home but…


Do you drink or have tried Vita stuff?

This song has been stuck on repeat on my itunes as of yesterday…


5 thoughts on “Z Tidbit: Vita Drinks

  1. I would prefer caffeine as my type of stimulant, but sugar does the trick too sometimes ^^

    Honestly, these stuff are soooo much better than this new vitamin drink that was released a few weeks ago. I came across an unopened bottle (I work as a sweeper in a theme park, it’s not the first time) and threw it away immediately after I took a sip (it was disgusting, that’s coming from someone who can usually force down anything). Personally though, I don’t drink these often even though I’m Chinese.

    Btw, can you add me to your blogroll please?

  2. i like the original vitasoy.
    nv seen this b4 in singapore thou, only rmb the vitasoy chocolate, honeydew and the original.

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