Funny Japanese Products

While shopping in a Japanese supermarket, I came across some pretty funny items. One of them is the cream you see above. It is exactly what its description said xD. Anyone wanna try?

There’s also a many other things I’ve spotted that’s worth a chuckle or two…

Gotta excuse the quality of the photos. I didn’t have my camera with me ^^;

A sweet way to get crunk I supposed…

“Look at the Mode”…?

Amazing… stuff to clean your underarm pores. Soap no good? xD

The Eye Talk that Danny posted about!

This coffee is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

The concept of mother’s milk is so you can have clean and silky hair?

Nissin’s Chicken Ramen. Danny also posted this awhile back about packaging that shows animal eating itself (sorry, can’t find link) and teaching you how to cook it right… in this case, the chicken eating its own eggs and from the looks of it, enjoying it very much. (This is good stuff though, I tried it ^^;)

Nothing special… just weird packaging… makes the girl’s face look very awkward.

These girls are so cute ^^; but why do I have a feeling that they’re wearing wigs?

Light Yagami and Mikami Teru

LOL Happy what Day? Mommy won’t be happy about this I would assume…

Oh my… MANDOM! What a…manly name o_0. The little caption below says “All the world loves a lover. All the world loves MANDOM. Man o man that’s MANDOM!” XD

Just thought this was cute ^^;



Hahah Hope no one is wondering if they’re on the right Gunpla blog. Yea… I know I haven’t been posting much about my Gundam works lately but I forbid myself to rush on my MG Unicorn. Given my time constraint this whole week, it’ll probably be another two weeks before I’m done. I just have the arms, legs, backpack and torso to go…oh wow that’s a lot ^^;


8 thoughts on “Funny Japanese Products

  1. Hey Z, u were askin abt waterslide decals yea?
    i didnt know where else to reply so i’d do it here if u dun mind.

    wd i do is i lay the sheet of decal on the cutting mat and cut out the desired piece with quite big of an allowance all around, then i take that piece and trim it (also on the cutting mat)
    i have a small dish tt i fill with water, then i take my tweezers to hold on to the decals and dip it into the water for prolly 5-10secs.
    I then put the decal on the surface i want and use cotton bud to slide it off the paper backing.
    after that, slide ard the decal (also with the cotton bud) to the position u want, and use the dry side of the cotton bud to suck up the remaining water on the decal and surface.

    hope thats not too confusing =X

  2. hey do u no where i could buy those stuffs that you posted up online
    they are prtty funny n wierd so i thought i could use them for my jap commericial

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