Z Tidbit: Pocky and Ramune

Ramune- The alcohol for otakus during conventions… and probably for some’s daily life. I’ve probably only drank about 20 bottles of ramune in my life time and I don’t see the teehee in it. The wow factor from the marble gimmick died around my second bottle. These drinks are also kinda spendy for their size, no? I’ll admit though… Ramune tastes like ramune; a flavor of its own. Nothing lik it ^_^

Pocky- Another snack I don’t understand about its addicting aura… a biscuit stick dipped in bland chocolate cream. It isn’t THAT great tasting but I see weeabos eat this and make faces as if it is better than having sex. o_0 *ahem* To each his/her own I guess. Yan Yan’s, Pucchas (spelled correctly?) and a few others are much better! I personally hate the original Pocky (taste stale) but the Men’s Pocky (Dark chocolate) is pretty good. I grew up eatin this stuff so I guess I can see how I can be sick of it…