Kumoricon ’08: Day 1

The past week has been very hectic for me at work and I worked till exhaustion. Now I finally have the free time to post up my first day at Kumoricon ^^;. The convention took place on Labor Day weekend at the Double Tree Hotel. Honestly, I had little to no expectation for this event and was prepared for the worst. This IS Oregon- A state void of anything anime except Shounen Jump stuff.

I’ll be breaking up my coverages in three different parts: Day 1, Day 2, and Videos. The weekend was just too long for me to cover in one post ^^;.

A few things to note… this is my first time at an anime convention but I actually went as a dealer, selling pocky and ramune- the pictures of the boxes of pocky and ramune were the supplies I had to sell (didn’t mention this earlier in case I would get sniped for it ^^;). I didn’t get to go anywhere half of the time nor take pictures as I was busy with the register . My industry pass was free so it didn’t leave me much to complain since I get to roam all over the place afterward. I also didn’t go on the last day so I missed the closing ceremony. Oh well xD. OKAY! Here we go!

Exhibition Hall

This is the dealer’s room where otakus, narutards, and everyone else lose all their money. Lots of figures. Lots of Gundam. Lots of Manga. Lots of Doujins. Lots of wallscrolls. Lots of Anime. Lots of etc. All priced decently too. I’m surprised it wasn’t robbery. This was where I had to work for eight hours selling the snack to the otakus. DAMN WAS I BUSY! For the whole time I was in my booth, there’s no pause in between purchases. Otakus just grab ramune and pocky by the dozens and come back for more later. Some even buy whole cases and carry it around… from the start of the convention nonetheless. o_0

Although there were many stuff that I have never seen in person before in Oregon, there really isn’t anything special that I haven’t seen online before. I knew everything that I was looking at and have seen them plenty of times online (like the Figmas) but just seeing them for sale in person and not on the internet made me go “cool…”. I wanted the Figma Lelouch but it was a laughable $40 while the rest of the SOS dan cost $35. The room was damn humid and smelly with since it used to be a parking lot, the ceiling being only a few feet above me and hundreds of otakus swarming around… oh, the room also doesn’t have AC.

Lunch and Dinner

Since I was invited on the company trip, my lunch was covered… so I thought I take advantage and eat exactly what I want and as much as I want ^^;

Cosplayers and convention goers hanging out and having picnics at Holladay Park across from the hotel.

The Lloyd Center mall was just across the street so I went there for a quick lunch… and damn, it was packed in every food court. I hate mall food but there were no other food places around in reasonable walking distances.

The mall’s bathroom floor…

Sorry for taking such a picture but I just had to talk about this… The damn bathroom floor’s design (that extends all the way out into the hallway leading to the bathroom) is FREAKIN’ HORRENDOUS! In this little space it might look okay but imagine it covering the entire floor and hallway. OMG! My eyes were almost hurting from looking at the checkerboard design. Whoever designed this deserves a kancho by every visitor in the mall.

*ahem* Okay.. here’s some (cleaner) shots of the mall’s uppermost level- the food court.

Just went to Cajun grill since the line wasn’t as long as the others and grab a meal with a hearty amount of msg-induced meat :D… then went to Jamba juice to clean it off afterwards. Free food is awesome ^_^;

Panels and Stuff

Panels, events, and anime viewing took place in conference and ball rooms in the actual hotel (seperate from the Dealer’s room). It was weird attending this con inside a hotel because the environment just seem a bit off…

You have this luxury  and classy look, fitting of the business look… yet you have hundreds and thousands of silly kids running around and nerding.

Anyway… After my shift, I hung out with my manager (who is a yaoi and anime fangirl/otaku herself…) and had her show me the way of the convention life ^^;. Followed her around and sat through a few panels:

– Anime Jeopardy

Whenever an audience answered a question that the contestants failed to do so, the audience who answered it correctly gets a prize. I was the first to do so ^o^

The category was “The obvious” for 500 (hardest)- It was something along the lines of “This anime tells the adventures of the SOLO SHIP and its crew. Written by TOSHIYUKI TOMINO”. Apparently, this question was also in last year’s jeopardy too and no one got it right that time too. I got the answer in an instant :D. Do you know it?

Here was my reward:

– Lupin III outtakes

This panel was hilarious and I’m glad I attended. The guy above is Richard Epcar (Daisuke Jigen’s VA) who hosted this panel. The outtakes are pretty funny and I’ll post the videos I recorded in part 3 of my coverage.

Below were the following:

– Game Room: Mostly  DDR, Soul Calibur, and SSB players in there with some FPS that I don’t know. I didn’t bother with this.

– Art shop: Otakus learning how to sew it seems. Can you spot Joker? xD

– L vs. Kira Debate —> a “NO U!” contest

Panels that I didn’t care enough to take pics of that I attended were:

– Yaoi! Panel… Damn sqealing fangirls and their shippings… only stayed here for 15 minutes before I got bored. They weren’t showing anything.

– Yuri panel.. only watched Strawberry Panic in here. I thought it was pretty cute ^^;


Went to Sushi Land with my manager and co. I had $2.50 worth of sushi… wasn’t reallly hungry at the time ^^;

Night Time

Right: Holladay Park at night from Lloyd Center’s parking lot. Left: Double Tree Hotel

This is all for today. I’ll cover cosplayers on “Day 2” ^_^. There were many decent ones…and then there are horrible ones. Well… I’ll save that for tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Kumoricon ’08: Day 1

  1. aww.. the convention here in Singapore dont really bring in decent figures and gundams, much likely food ;_; hope they will do so soon!

    Must continue going to these conventions, theyre just so fun! ^^

  2. Francis- You should if your area holds a big one. It’s a very good experience even if you go “just for the sake of going”.

    Andra- Singapore has plenty of shops that sell Gundams for cheaper, no? That could explain a bit why dealers at cons don’t bother about bringing toys maybe ^^;

  3. yeah there is quite a few here since i do live in California. but i just missed the one in san…. forgot the place. stupid work. but oh well next year definitely.

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