Kumoricon ’08 Day 2: Cosplay

Here’s Day 2 of Kumoricon. This part I’ll mainly be focusing on the cosplayers that I got to take pictures of. Some were awesome, some were decent, some were alright… then some are just hideous. >_>;

On my first break from the dealer’s room, I spotted the “AE86” from Initial D pulling up to the front of the hotel. Takumi Fujiwara posed for a few shots before taking off.


Too bad it doesn’t have the “Fujiwara’s Tofu Shop” on the side…

Now, in the hotel…

An interesting thing I noticed is that a good majority of the male characters were cosplayed by girls. There were others I wanted to take picutures of like Yoko but I was working at the moment so I couldn’t ask TToTT

In the Exhibition Hall…

I lost count of how many Near, L, Naruto and Itachi cosplayers were roaming around but I didn’t bother to take any photos of them… I have nothing nice to say >_>. A little deeper and I get to see the guys in drag, random narutards with akatsuki coat and headband, and a lot of fat sailor moon and haruhi… male and female.

During lunch, I took a hike inside Holladay Park across the street to check out what otakus there are up to. Many groups just gathered around for photoshoot and play random games.

I don’t know who they are but that hammer looked really heavy… probably not.

Sasuke using his ninja skillz to climb a tree.

Some views of the park

I attended like the first ten minutes of the cosplay contest then have to leave to go back to work so I wasn’t able to grab many photos…

Gaara was the best from what I saw. The two “prince-cess” are traps and the pirate monster…looked very uncomfortable with all those tentacles ^^;. My photos sux here because I came late and had to sit all the way in the back.

In the Pirate vs Narutard Ninja Dance Off…

The Red Ranger! He was dancing to “Ghostbusters” for the pirates.

Dancing Trooper. Video of him when I put up the videos ^^;

Honey-Senpai with Octopus/Pirate monster dancing together to YATTA! :D

The Pirates

The Ninjas


These are the best shots out of the bunch that I took. Sadly, I didn’t get to take any of Yoko and Miku Hatsune u_u.

Videos for my next Kumoricon post!


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