So not only do I have a backlog of MG models I need to assemble, I also have a backlog of games as well. Super Robot Wars Z is coming out THIS MONTH and I have yet to finish OGS TToTT. I’ve completed OG1 and at the second to last stage of OG2. I still have OG2.5 and OG Gaiden to start on. I got OG Gaiden when it first came out and I haven’t even been able to open it since then (it’s been sitting on my shelf for over eight months)! All because of lack of time due to school, work and time-consuming stuff.

I was very disappointed with how cheap the Art-1 figure is though. I was hoping for it to be around the size of a GFF. I’m definitely going to get SRW Z and have it sit on my shelf until I’m done with the rest and after I watch Gravion and Eureka 7. The series in that SRW is just too fresh for me.




6 thoughts on “GESPENSTO KICKU!!!

  1. lol, Kyosuke’s got the best GESPENSTO KICK, but you still gotta see how Mai and Rai do it…

    BTW, don’t bother with OG 2.5, it consists only in a few stages of OG Gaiden, while the later has the complete stages. Wonder when we will see OG3…

  2. Francis, you should get them for the PS2. SOOOOO much better.

    Beamknight, I saw Mai’s before but not Rai’s. Mai’s one is indeed ridiculous xD. For some odd reason, it was removed from youtube along with plenty of others…

  3. yeah i know. i really like the ps2 version ones but i pretty much gave up video games. >_< i rarely play. my brothers have ps3 and wii but i only play wii once in a while, more like never. hahaha!

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