Seaside Trip

Mm… took some time off today and went on a trip to Oregon’s Seaside beach with some friends ^_^. This marks my first time going to a beach in like… 8 years?

On the 1.5 hour drive to the beach, I saw some disturbing sights…

I am no environmentalist nor a tree hugger but sights like these are… disgusting. Spots after spots of dead and decaying trees that looks like piles of skeleton on a battlefield in a blur. I don’t like it and it destroys the scenery.

After arriving, everyone was hungry so thought we go to Happy Clam and enjoy some local fresh clam chowder and halibut fish and chips :D

The food was good and I LOVED the seafood chowder but damn was it salty after a few spoonful ^^;

Since today is monday, the beach was a bit deserted… not to mention that it’s already September and it wasn’t really the weather where one could enjoy the cold beach water…

Salty beach water is salty. All the photos in this post are pictures from my cellphone since I forgot to change my camera’s batteries after Kumoricon. Spent like around four hours here. Since I don’t know how to swim and went out too far, I almost got pulled away by the current :D. Luckily, my friends pulled me back before I drift off completely into the horizon. Good times, good times.On the shores, I also found crabs walking around and jelly fishes surfing astray (one actually bump into my leg).

Afterward, we all had dinner at Sonics and end the day there. I probably still have sand in my ears or some other place… -_-;

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’ve just started watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and I must say… MOST HOTBLOODED ANIME SERIES SINCE GAOGAIGAR!!! only up to 15 or so (yes, I shed manly tears for Kamina).


6 thoughts on “Seaside Trip

  1. Since you’ve been to Kumoricon, and took a trip to Seaside, I’m guessing your from the greater Portland area like me (Vancouver) I have to ask, where do you find all your Gundam models? I’m hoping you don’t get them online as I am hoping there is wonderful happy place in Portland that specilizes in gundam models.. I recently took a trip to South Korea to visit in-laws and found GUNDAM BASE SIDE 1 in Seoul and I’ve been spoiled ever since. There is next to nowhere that has Gundam in the ‘Couve..

  2. Hate to tell you this but… Oregon is completely void of anything Gundam ^^;. All the Gundam vendors from Kumoricon were either from Seattle or California. I get all my models online.

  3. im in the same boat as you Z. All online via gundamstoreandmore, hobbywave, craigslist (lol), and imageanime just to name a few. Shops near me charge stupid expensive. Can you believe that a guy is selling a 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh for get this $100 yeah that’s right. >_< so online is my only choice. lucky for folks who gets great deals, from what I hear they get it for retail price orz..

  4. I’ve been kicking around the idea of an Anime shop with great deal of GUNPLA available for a long time. Personally I like being able to buy that stuff in a shop rather than online. I just have to convince the bank that enough people would be interested to be able to get that small business loan…

    I don’t think Gudam models need to be stupid expensive either, I would price them close to what they are in the shops in Japan and Korea.

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