MG Unicorn Progress

Just letting all of you know that I’m not going astray with this blog ^_^;. This is still my Gunpla blog and it is not relegated to me blogging about my life. I originally didn’t want to show any WISP (work in slow progress) but it’s already been so long so I thought it would be appropriate to let you all know how my project is going.

As you can see, this is all I’ve completed of the actual Gundam so far. Every completed part has been covered with multiple layers of flat top coat. I’m also done with the weapons and shield. All that’s left are the legs, feet, and backpack. Currently working on the torso.

Here are the finished weapons:

So what do you all think? ^_^

Oh yea… and I’m purposely hiding photos of its Destroy Mode till I’m done :)

This project is pushing me so far back on schedule that I will probably only have time to assemble one other model before the end of the month >_<.

9 thoughts on “MG Unicorn Progress

  1. Looks sweet. Reminds me of my own Unicorn I still got to build. Just let me get this right: You are using topcoat over EACH part individually? Wouldn’t it be better to apply the topcoat over the full model on its Unicorn mode? So one does not screws up the inner pink frame…

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! It’s good to have some assurance that my project is not going terribly wrong ^^;

    Francis, spraypaint= no. handbrush= yes :D

    BeamKnight87, I’m applying the top coat on each part.. as in head, arms, leg, body, etc. etc. I find it easier this way and a bit more precise and thorough. And yea, I’m also watching out for the pink pieces as well.

  3. Don’t worry about having slow progress on the Unicorn. Everything looks so far so good~ Keep up the good work there!

    Btw thanks for the add, added you to my blogroll too!

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