Kumoricon Loot

Here’s my loot from Kumoricon ^_^. I didn’t spend much as I was skeptical about the prices but I did try to splurge a little in the little time that I had to shop around.

For Gundams, all I picked up was ONE Deep Striker and the 1/100 Gundam Astraea Type F. Yea… I already have a Deep Striker that I bought over a year ago and I still haven’t taken it out and impulsively bought another one for the sole reason that it was only $95(!!!!). Without having to pay shipping, I thought that was a steal!

There wasn’t many Gundam models that I could buy… considering I already have all the models I wanted ^^;

The rest of my loot…

I felt paying $12 for the Zero cell charm was a ripoff but oh well. I was too late in picking up the CC one T_T. I got a lot of nice comments about the L shirt ^_^.


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