Mid-Autumn Festival

Not really a “Festival” but today is that day where families gather and eat mooncakes, celebrating, moon worshipping, praying for their children to be smarter and stuff, doing this and that. Unfortunately I missed the “main event” since I was watching Code Geass R2 >_>;

Pomelo (Chinese Grapefruit) is this huge grapefruit that my parents stick incense on to do the worship or whatever (not familiar with the customs ^^;). This giant fruit is awesome! It tastes just like grapefruit and probably packs a serious dose of vitamin C.

It’s a bit on the sour side and the skin is thick but I still like it more than grapefruit. Oh yea… my family cuts up the outer skin and stir fries it :D

Moon cakes… I used to love them and eat an entire cake by myself… but now I don’t find them to be so interesting. They still taste good and all but just… no craving for them.

Mooncakes are probably one of the deadliest food out there in terms of (lack of) nuitritional value. High in fat and cholesterol… but that doesn’t stop me nor anyone else from eating them though ^_^. It’s a thin layer of “cake” and the beneathe the surface is all filling of some sort. Red beans and wintermelon are my favorite. The filling in the pics above is lotus (no yolk and with yolk). I usually like the yolk :D.


4 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. It doesn’t hurt to eat something greasy but nice once a year right? Hope you still had a nice time though.

    Snowskin ones kinda taste like icy flour on the skin. Can’t remember why they have to be stored in fridges but they do taste good!

  2. oh how I wish I did something better over this weekend. I never really liked Moon Cake but it’s a thing where i can eat them but not really care.
    And i missed Code Geass…

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