Ore wa Hello Kitty

Got a Hello Kitty rental costume over the weekend at work for some dumb parade so thought I mess around with it before giving it back, crushing the dreams of little girls and boys who admire this emotionless kitty so much xD. It was really stuffy in that… head, and the only field of view is through the nose.

The fully dressed Hello Kitty is my manager, not me by the way >_>;;. I will not be caught dead cosplaying as Hello Kitty.


9 thoughts on “Ore wa Hello Kitty

  1. lilb0ibastard- you probably know me well enough to not be surprised if that was me xD but no, of all silly things I can be caught dead doing… this is not one of them.

    Drakz and Alice- I should’ve recorded her doing it instead. Could be more interesting ^^;

    Jacques- The head has this fur that if you brush it one way, it appears gray… depending on the lighting.

    Feidamu- I was planning on going around looking for 5 yr old hello kitty fans, hear them scream…then unmask myself, destroying their image xD. (It was stated in the “mascot instruction manual” that came with the suit on how and what not to do with Hello Kitty… one of which is unmasking in front of children as it might crush their dreams)

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