Z Tidbit: Z

This is my name in Chinese

Z… Z… Z… Z… now, is that really such a hard name to pronounce? It’s exactly like the last letter of the alphabet. It might not actually be spelled “Z” (officially) but I spell it that way for everything that doesn’t matter and for convenience… convenience for the unfortunate person who is going to read my name that is. People just can’t pronounce my name! It’s the last letter in the alphabet! I find it funny that every time I introduce myself and say “Hi! I’m Z. Like the last letter in the alphabet”, they go “umm.. cee?…ZIII? is that right? o_0” as if it’s completely foreign to them. Well, it is… but I’ve already put emphasis on my last sentence “Like the last letter in the alphabet” so I’m guessing many people can’t really pronounce the letter “Z”? It’s even more funny through the phone when someone ask me “Who am I speaking to?” and I say “Z. Just like the last letter in the alphabet” and they just go “uhh… okay” then procede to address me as “sir” afterwards. I find no real annoyance through this really but it’s interesting that people are ALWAYS dumbfounded when they hear my name… AFTER I tell them how it’s pronounced.

Is your name also hard for others to pronounce at first too?