Z Tidbit: Z

This is my name in Chinese

Z… Z… Z… Z… now, is that really such a hard name to pronounce? It’s exactly like the last letter of the alphabet. It might not actually be spelled “Z” (officially) but I spell it that way for everything that doesn’t matter and for convenience… convenience for the unfortunate person who is going to read my name that is. People just can’t pronounce my name! It’s the last letter in the alphabet! I find it funny that every time I introduce myself and say “Hi! I’m Z. Like the last letter in the alphabet”, they go “umm.. cee?…ZIII? is that right? o_0” as if it’s completely foreign to them. Well, it is… but I’ve already put emphasis on my last sentence “Like the last letter in the alphabet” so I’m guessing many people can’t really pronounce the letter “Z”? It’s even more funny through the phone when someone ask me “Who am I speaking to?” and I say “Z. Just like the last letter in the alphabet” and they just go “uhh… okay” then procede to address me as “sir” afterwards. I find no real annoyance through this really but it’s interesting that people are ALWAYS dumbfounded when they hear my name… AFTER I tell them how it’s pronounced.

Is your name also hard for others to pronounce at first too?


10 thoughts on “Z Tidbit: Z

  1. Hello Zed! (/end my Canadian-ness)

    To answer your question, yes, my name is also hard for people to pronounce. I also provide mnemonics to help them, but their working memory capacity is usually too restricted to get it right…

  2. When I first saw your nickname I thought it was “Zed”, and I didn’t know it was actually from part of your Chinese name :P

    As for me, fellow Chinese people seem to find it hard to pronounce my English name: Quentin

  3. Yer my name will probably be hard to pronounce…at least, getting the actual hang of the last character. Hence Panther…which I would rather change to.

    Zhi, or your name as it is supposed to be pronounced, does not entail only a “zee”. There is also a “h” sound in the romanization, hence if you wanted to be political about it, “tzu” in English pronounciation would be closer. But then again “zee” (zi in romanization) is not too far off either, and if you are not particular about, Zee would be the way to go.

  4. Asuka- hehe Zed… I remember when I called a company in canada to order parts for my car, I told them my name is spelled Z then they kept calling me “Zed”. I was dumbfounded at first and went back and forth a little before realizing that’s their way of saying “Z”. xD

    Me: No! My name is Z!
    Person: Yea! Zed!
    Me: ah… okay…

    Q- although I don’t find your name hard to pronounce… but I don’t think I’m pronouncing it correctly either ^^; If I didn’t know better, I would think your english name means “Clear Sky”

    Panther- Yea.. I’m not particular at all about my name hence “Z” so it’s easier on everyone else. It’s too much work for the rest of the world to actually say “Zhi” correctly ^^;. Barely any difference between “Zee” and “Zhe”. I also get irked a bit when someone (a teacher mainly) reads it out loud as “Zai”.

    GNDynames- I’m ashamed to say that… I’m having a hard time deciphering your name… Yang(?) Yi(?) and I don’t know the last character ^^;

    Still interesting… I’ve never thought that some people actually read my name (Z) as “Zed” before. Sounds evil ^^;! I AM LORD ZED! Muahahaha!

  5. It is not pronounced like “Z”. As I am studying Chinese right now, that name is pronounced something like jir. Is it Cantonese or something, I study Mandarin. Anyways, my last name is really hard to pronounce correctly. It is Huynh.

  6. Huynh = hu-when… I can’t type out how to pronounce it but I know I got it right ^^;

    I adopted “Z” from “Zhi” since I was like… in Kindergarten since NO ONE bothered to pronounce my name correctly so Z it is. Correct or Incorrect ^^;. But you’re right… it’s somewhere along the lines of “jii/zhee/gii”.

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