Knife Slip

While I was shaving off the nub mark on the heel piece of my MG Unicorn with my Tamiya Knife, the blade slipped off the piece and sank right into my left index finger ^^;. Though the cut took about a split second, it was long enough for me to see clearly that nearly the entire blade (about 90%) went into my skin and ripped another “line” across when coming out, effectively forming a “L”. The wound is big enough that I can actually lift up the flap and see quite a bit inside :D. It doesn’t hurt but it made it inconvenient to continue building my model since flexing my finger would make the wound burst out blood again. DAI PINCHI! But at least now I know just how sharp my knife really is ^_^b.

This is actually my first time getting injured while building a Gundam model in my eight+ years of Gunpla ^^;.


14 thoughts on “Knife Slip

  1. Yowza, i’ve had my share of battle scars. Haha.
    I’m skipping gunpla for a while. I’m kinda sick of it. And is it just me or do you guys work better when you’re really feening to build one? I can’t produce quality models one after another. I gotta take a break after one. Say 3 weeks or so. @_@

  2. Yikes. that’s sounds real bad, going by the way you describe it. I had my fair share of cuts from hobby knife as a result of chronic sweaty palms but none of the cuts & injuries are nothing as deep @ bad as compared to yours.

    take care & good luck on your MG Unicorn building

  3. Gunstray- Yup. it’s one awesome battle scar.

    Drakz- Not as bad as it sound ^^;

    Francis- Feening? xD I get sick of the gunpla the moment I open the box and wish it would be over with already haha ^^;. The reality is… a half-assed job is permanent so might as well put in as much effort as I can.

    Super Gentleman- Nah it the blade didn’t slice me that way. Guess it’s hard to describe but the whole blade “fillet” into my skin… hence I have a flap now ^^; at least half .5″ down and .5″ wide (the “L”)

    Jacques- Though the cut was wide no doubt but it wasn’t so bad as I managed to stop the bleeding. Actually, it was such a CLEAN CUT that my wound already closed when I woke up this morning! ^^; Thanks for the wishes!

  4. Oww! I’m wincing in my seat… I will definitely exercise extreme caution when I start work on my Zaku II FZ coming in the mail.

    Hope you heal up nice and soon! Hang in there, man!

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