I’ve FINALLY completed my MG Unicorn Gundam after a little over a month… for all the wrong reasons! schedule, work, studies, friends, and stuff kept pushing this project back but finally mustered enough will power to finish it. Geez…

Photos of Unicorn’s Gundam Destroy Mode are up too! Here’s the full gallery of my MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka – 56k WARNING: over 100+ photos!

So glad to be done with this model and thought it was going to be my last Ver. Ka but MG Sinanju is right around the corner!

For the rest of the month (what little is left of it), I’ll focus on my overhaul then begin working on GFFs against. Haven’t been doing those for awhile.

9 thoughts on “COMPLETE: MG Unicorn

  1. Great and clean job on the MG Unicorn. I must say your site has one of the most detailed Work in progress on Gundam. Mind if I exchange links with you cos you are definitely on my Blogroll.

  2. Congratz on finishing MG Unicorn. The final result is awesome, especially those transparent parts are looking much better when they are red then pink ^^.I also like those red panel lines on the v-fin instead of gold color, it’s interesting idea. And thank you for adding my blog to your links, I have only one little request, could you change it’s name to ,,Project Otaku” it’s my new and I hope the final name of my blog XD . I salute

  3. Paliodor- done!

    Hono-san- Thanks for the awesome compliment! Really glad to know you’re enjoying the contents I put out ^_^ There’s also many other great bloggers out there who put a lot more effort into their plamo work as well.

    lilb0i- Dare I say it actually looks like real candy in person?

  4. Hey z!
    I like your idea to make the pinky inner panel more vivid,,thats awesome!
    And you even cutting the marking seal’s edge,,whats a patience you have there!
    Looking 4ward to sinanju and your little double 0

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