Just As Planned, 0

So I’ve caught some pretty nasty germs or something a day ago which left me confined in bed with a shivering body and puking out blood and stomach acid a few times. Ugh. I blame it on this sukiyaki burger I had (just replace the beef patty with sukiyaki beef). I had no solid food in my stomach at all today and basically drank only orange juice. =.=

So the only semi-productive thing I was able to do was watch the last episode of Code Geass R2 and here are my thoughts… WARNING: SUPER FABULOUS SPOILERS AHEAD!

My thoughts are all jumbled up so this review might not be very well organized ^^;

EPIC and FABULOUS aside…Overall, the episode was great but it felt rushed a bit. Although I want to feel sad and maybe shed a tear or two for Lelouch, I couldn’t because I saw him dying from miles away what’s with all his recent actions. He doesn’t deserve to die nor did he wanted to die but his sacrifice was for the greater goods of humanity- world peace instead of war. This was his goal all along and it went JUST AS PLANNED unlike someone else’s convoluted scheme >_>;

Personally, I think everything Lelouch was doing in the last arc of the season was a bit unnecessary. I’m referring to him being the world’s biggest douche bag and get everyone on his ass to bring world peace. He really didn’t need to do that. Yea yea yea… he wanted to be so evil that Euphie’s incident would be just an afterthought to others but I’m sure he can cleanse the past just as well by doing a bunch of good deeds and changing all that was “evil” with Britannia (which he DID do until… yea). Forgive and forget. Can’t he atone for his sins by doing that? But no, he likes to play dictatorship, destroy trust, and wreck friendship in all the worst possible ways. Suzaku also didn’t seem to be as hurt as he should be for killing his best friend… maybe because that’s what he wanted to do this whole damn season, “I’ll be the one to kill Zero”. Ironically, by doing so… he has to become Zero from now on for the rest of his life. Ahahaha.

Now for some more jumbled up thoughts…

JET MAGNUM!!! you know… I really hated Kallen during the last arc. After all she learned about Lelouch personally and through Nunally, she still goes back to being a blockhead and TRIES HER VERY DAMN BEST TO KILL HIM. After he is dead THEN she realizes… ugh.

^Getting killed by a ridiculous looking pink sword… only Lelouch can make such a death look FABULOUS! Anyone else would just be embarassing…


Lulu was pretty hardcore about being a douchebag till the very end. Just look at how he dressed up his own sister o_0. (LOL @ Schniezel in chains too). Speaking of Nunnally, her seiyuu sounded wonderful this episode. She really got her emotions through during the scene inside Democles and when she broke down crying. Makes you really want to give her a hug ^^;. Such a shame that she wasn’t able to let out such emotions earlier on. For some implied and unexplained reasons, Nunnally seem to have the power to read people’s true thoughts after touching their hands and finally realizes what her brother was actually doing this whole time. Skip the “Lelouch could have a code!” debate please.

Now, the only other person who really stole the show this episode is none other than ORENJI. The guy is badass beyond belief. Pulling off a mini version of Gurren Lagann, using a sword against a knightmare (sorta), has his own ORENJI PLANTATION with Knights-of-Round-Turn-Farmer-Girl Anya… and best of all (for him), he was finally able to fulfill his loyalty by helping Lelouch accomplish his goals. Total badass :D Anya didn’t look too happy though xD

At the end, I thoroughly enjoyed Code Geass (both seasons) as a whole. Every episode of it. WIshed this season could be a big longer so it can cover all the hanging plots and stuff like CC’s real name, more development for the Knight of Rounds jobber, and other things. 49 episodes would’ve been nice. Or maybe even just a longer epilogue where the idiotic Black Knights realizes their stupidity and Lelouch was actually a good guy all along. Lelouch remains my top favorite character in all of anime. He was a well written “good guy who acts bad who does good things by doing bad for the greater good” or something along such lines ^^;. With his outrageous plans coupled with all of his stylish and flamboyant poses, Lelouch is simply FABULOUS right to the very end. He’s no Light Yagami, boy. No Light Yagami. No comparison.

I can’t stop listening to Continued Story…

6 thoughts on “Just As Planned, 0

  1. Still got to watch Death Note hahahaha….

    I was quite worried how the series would end, but I suppose it did conclude well enough despite all those trainwrecks. It has been an interesting ride through this series, and although it is hard to compare this to the first season, Code Geass still really stands out as recent anime.

  2. haha…you might never see this comment, Z, or even go back to this page again, seeing as this was posted in 2008, but heck, I can’t stop crying whenever I watch the final episode…it just seems so sad to me. The music really adds to the final scence…without the music I don’t think i would’ve cried at all for Lelouch. But nevertheless, Code Geass was indeed one awsome anime. hylk hylk, wonder what happened to Tamaki? Hate to see that after all this he still hasnt’ got promoted. xD

    Now if only you had some Knightmare Frames to review…
    By the way, Guren SEITEN was just released as a Robot Damashii figure recently. I’m surprized they took so long considering Lancelot Albion came out a while ago…

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