From HLJ…

This box of loot came in the morning today :D. That’s my second MG Impulse. It was an *cough* impulsive buy since it was on clearance. I’ll be reviewing the bulk of my GFF backlog for October as soon as I finish up this blog’s overhaul.

I noticed that for the newer GFF, the packaging looks a lot better now; the box is gray and there’s a clear silhouette of the Gundam on the front.

As for this blog… I had to revert back to this old layout for now because I realized that toying around with other themes screw up a lot of my images it seems. Still working out the quirks…. damn frustrating….


Finally done with reorganizing this blog! I might still be making tweaks here and there but I got stuff work with what I have. So now…

– All the MG reviews are categorized in the main “Master Grade” page above.

– All the HG and 1/100 models are in the main “High Grade” page above.

– SD models are in the “Super Deformed” page.

– Random stuff and whatever I pick up like Nendoroids, figmas, revoltechs, etc. etc. goes into “Other Stuff”.

– They’re loosely sorted by “latest build” downward and my latest review will always be on top.

– Screwed up a lot of images in some reviews somehow when messing around so need to fix those (Unicorn and Wing).

So… what how’s the new look? What do you all think? ^_^

14 thoughts on “From HLJ…

  1. Sephix- It does… but its color scheme made me take forever to decide on getting it.
    Hono- My thoughts exactly when I saw it announced
    Gunstray- HLJ had on sale for so cheap… I would feel ripped off if I didn’t get it xD
    Ed- yea man… I really want to see more of your work! They’re really clean.
    Feidamu- nah, don’t be ^^;. Just cut back a few dollars here, some pennies and dimes there and soon… you’ll get what you want :D.
    Francis- Thanks! ^_^
    Zenical- MG Strike Freedom as your first MG? That’s brave o_o

  2. oh yeah I have a request. Z can you review the Impulse by any chance? (probably not since you just finished a big ol’ kit) Oh and the Gurren Lagann Revoltech too!

  3. Francis- Oh man… I’m actually dying to build the Impulse… but not yet. Got stuff planned ^^;. Oh yea… I’m actually starting on the GL’s review right now! ^^

    GNdynames- hmm… they got a little taller since the old days… about 3-4″ or 10 cm.

  4. Alrite cool. Can’t wait for your review on the Gurren Lagann. And also for the Impulse. Mind sharing your plans or are you gonna keep us at the tip of the iceberg and slam us all at once? ^_^

  5. Oh, you can definitely get your mind off of Impulse for now as I won’t actually be starting on it till like maybe december or january (for my second Impulse; I want to carefully plan things out). I hope to build my first Impulse in my normal ways by the end of this month or early November.

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