Knife Slip

While I was shaving off the nub mark on the heel piece of my MG Unicorn with my Tamiya Knife, the blade slipped off the piece and sank right into my left index finger ^^;. Though the cut took about a split second, it was long enough for me to see clearly that nearly the entire blade (about 90%) went into my skin and ripped another “line” across when coming out, effectively forming a “L”. The wound is big enough that I can actually lift up the flap and see quite a bit inside :D. It doesn’t hurt but it made it inconvenient to continue building my model since flexing my finger would make the wound burst out blood again. DAI PINCHI! But at least now I know just how sharp my knife really is ^_^b.

This is actually my first time getting injured while building a Gundam model in my eight+ years of Gunpla ^^;.

Z Tidbit: Z

This is my name in Chinese

Z… Z… Z… Z… now, is that really such a hard name to pronounce? It’s exactly like the last letter of the alphabet. It might not actually be spelled “Z” (officially) but I spell it that way for everything that doesn’t matter and for convenience… convenience for the unfortunate person who is going to read my name that is. People just can’t pronounce my name! It’s the last letter in the alphabet! I find it funny that every time I introduce myself and say “Hi! I’m Z. Like the last letter in the alphabet”, they go “umm.. cee?…ZIII? is that right? o_0” as if it’s completely foreign to them. Well, it is… but I’ve already put emphasis on my last sentence “Like the last letter in the alphabet” so I’m guessing many people can’t really pronounce the letter “Z”? It’s even more funny through the phone when someone ask me “Who am I speaking to?” and I say “Z. Just like the last letter in the alphabet” and they just go “uhh… okay” then procede to address me as “sir” afterwards. I find no real annoyance through this really but it’s interesting that people are ALWAYS dumbfounded when they hear my name… AFTER I tell them how it’s pronounced.

Is your name also hard for others to pronounce at first too?

Mid-Autumn Festival

Not really a “Festival” but today is that day where families gather and eat mooncakes, celebrating, moon worshipping, praying for their children to be smarter and stuff, doing this and that. Unfortunately I missed the “main event” since I was watching Code Geass R2 >_>;

Pomelo (Chinese Grapefruit) is this huge grapefruit that my parents stick incense on to do the worship or whatever (not familiar with the customs ^^;). This giant fruit is awesome! It tastes just like grapefruit and probably packs a serious dose of vitamin C.

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MG Unicorn Progress

Just letting all of you know that I’m not going astray with this blog ^_^;. This is still my Gunpla blog and it is not relegated to me blogging about my life. I originally didn’t want to show any WISP (work in slow progress) but it’s already been so long so I thought it would be appropriate to let you all know how my project is going.

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