Lovely Halloween!

Courtesy of Pocky…

Trying out this new seasonal flavor pocky that I grabbed from the Supermarket. It taste nothing even remotely like pumpkin… I would know since I don’t like pumpkins xD.

Today is Halloween and it’s the end of the week so be sure to stay safe if you’re gonna be partying hard tonight, watch out for the little ones creeping around the streets, and definitely watch out for pigs. Have fun!

Image from Gelbooru

Another Strike…

Getting a jumpstart on my next MG. If there’s anything I hate about Bandai, it is color variations and milking the same Gundam over and over and over so that is why I’m just gonna get this Strike model out of the way. I’ll let you guess which pack it is ^^

I’m also trying to forcefeed myself Eureka 7, Aquarion and Gravion so that I have at least SOME series to relate to when I start SRW Z… mm.. Z..

Fix Figurations

Now that I’m done reviewing all my GFFs, I was finally able to reorganize my display shelves a bit. Here are some quick photos I took. Think of this as a “closing ceremony” to showcase my line-up. xD

Right Tower

My other Deep Striker

The two Zeta Plus, Full Armor ZZ Gundam, and the first Ex-S Gundam

Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha, Full Armor Gundam Mk II, Nu Gundam HWS, FA Hyaku Shiki Kai

That one thing from Odysseus Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Xi Gundam, God Gundam

Gundam X, Gundam G05, the two F91, GP04, and Wing Ver. ka

Left Tower

Cannot fit inside the case for an obvious reason

We all know who this is

Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, X-2 and X-3. HARRR!

A clear RX-78-2 Ver. Ka, Not-so-Perfect Gundam, FA Gundam with the blues, and FA “love child of Zeta and Gundam Mk II” Gundam Mk III
And an empty shelf in the event I ever get another GFF again (hello there, 1/100 Zeta Plus…) but this is all for now. So yea… all my stuff gets shelved after reviews with a good chance that I’ll probably never take out again ^^;

GFF0013 PLAN 303E Deep Striker

With the review for the GFF Deep Striker completed, I’m finally done reviewing all the GFF I have! That being said, I’ll be returning to model reviews at full blast at the start of November all the way till the end of the year. Hopefully, I’ll finally be able to build my MG Force Impulse and Crossbone X-1 Full Cloth.

On model related news… after seeing the straight built MG Sinanju at Ngee Khiong, I am almost completely put off by it. From the way it looks, it seems more like Bandai decided to not make the gold trim parts. If kotobukiya can do it for their models, how come Bandai won’t? It’s pure laziness on their part and on mine for not wanting to put out the effort to paint them in (then again, I thought MG were supposed to come detailed with the right plastic color… especially for 7000 yen!). I will eventually get it when I find myself not lazy enough to work with paint again like I did with my MG Unicorn but for now, I can wait. MG Infinite Justice is still on my GET list on top of a few other kits… maybe grabbing it around December.

Update: Ugh… 1 USD is now less than 100 yen… orz

Mmm.. Oppai…

I think I just died a little inside. Got this magazine set from Kinokuniya yesterday. Err… I blame for influencing me to buy this otherwise it would never have cross my mind xD.

Aside from the featured oppai pad, there were other goodies included like stickers and pins of loli characters who I don’t even know the name of nor the series they are from ^^;.

And here’s the main bonus…

She sure as heck looks a lot better/cuter than my current and extremely old mouse pad, That’s for sure ^^;. After using it for about 30 seconds, I will even admit that it feels more comfortable and ergonomically shaped too *ahem* thanks to the “groove” on the cushion *ahem*. Not sure if I’ll eventually use this to replace my current mouse pad because I don’t want the material to fade xD. Actually, I’m already beginning to put it back into its package and leave it there.

As for the magazine… Definitely not my type of material; its entire content is all about Lolis! Explicit and otherwise. Seeing a pic now and then is fine with me but this is too much =.=. Must not jump to that side of the Otakusphere…

On Gundam related stuff, I’m done with photoshooting the Deep Striker so I just need to type up the review. I’ll be done tomorrow evening. Here’s a pic I did just for fun…

Me Birthday

Though my birthday was actually last Sunday, My friends took me out yesterday to this awesome Thai restaurant to celebrate (I LOVE Thai food!). At the end, I received some surprising presents from them ^^;

Aside from a brand new pair of Dunks, I got an anime figure and a L plushie.  I never would’ve thought my friends would choose such presents… wonder where they get the idea? xD I mean… I don’t even collect figures because they’re so expensive. Though I have no idea who/what/when/where/why this girl is and from, she is really cute though, complete with what seems to be nekomimi and a tail o_o.

I tried looking up the name and everything but yielded nothing ^^;. Guess it’s a custom art figure? I don’t know how to look and review such figures but she seems to be well sculpted and painted. I’m liking how I can swap between different pantsu xD. I don’t want to take this figure out of its box though since it’ll look a bit out of place with all my Gundams and I don’t want to start thinking “hmm… I need another figure to go with her…” and then we can probably guess where that’ll lead to…

Anyone have any ideas who/what she is?

Side note: seems like it’s not safe for me to browse blogs and sites on the weekends and possibly on Monday since there’ll most likely be talk about the latest 00 episode… and I’ll get spoiled. Gah…

Man of Destiny

Not “Men of Destiny” since there’s only one… but anyway, I’ve posted up my review for the GFF Gundam GP03S & Weapon System. About freakin’ time I review this thing… considering I got it when it first came out (LOLOL over a year ago). As impressive as it looks, this thing will be collecting dust thanks to it sitting outside because the long barrel made it impossible to fit in a DETOLF.

One last GFF to go…

*sigh* I’m tired… work and studies are being shoved down my throat as winter slowly, slowly crawls nearer. I might slow down on my blogging and sleep more… which means slowing down on my reviews >_<;.

Totally random: Premium gas at Chevron just went down to $3.09! **** YEAH! :D

Tare-Danny and Mascots

After seeing DC member Chun’s Tare-Danny drawing I couldn’t resist not getting its Teeshirt. It just look incredible cute xD. Hopefully if I wear this shirt outside long enough, fellow DC members might reveal themselves when they identify me ^^;. Though I think I would have a lot more luck doing that in Japan or Singapore than in the US…

I’m bound to get some “wtf” looks on this by friends and foes alike xD