Review for Revoltech Gurren Lagann Full Drillized is up :D. I put it under the “Other Stuff” menu. I really wish I have better lighting in my room…

September Stats

Here’s a question to all of you: What do you find to be the nicest thing about this blog (the reviews, photos, simplicity, content, etc.)? what do you think needs improvement? and what would you like to see more? I hope some of you can take a moment to answer ^_^

Once again, I have to thank all the readers/viewers for another awesome month.

So far, every month surpassed the previous month in view hits by a large amount. I really appreciate all of you who comes here frequently and share your thoughts as well. It’s great knowing that everyone is enjoying the contents I put out ^_^. It makes all the effort I put into this blog all the more worthwhile.

I’d have to thank Dannychoo.com, otaku.fm, and animenano.com, and everyone who put me on their blogroll for broadcasting this blog out to the otakusphere and everywhere else. My blog probably wouldn’t get anywhere near as much exposure if it weren’t for them.

Most Hits for the Month: MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (still haven’t fixed the progress pics yet ^^;) – 1036 hits

That’s unsurprising considering that…well, that’s the only review I was able to put out for Setempber >_<. The only other thing I did was complete my overhaul of this blog. Even then, I’m still pleasantly surprised the hits beat July and August’s when I put out a great deal of MG reviews ^^;.

For October, there’s going to be a lot more reviews being pumped out this time around since I’ll be doing mostly GFF (Deep Striker anyone?) and maybe a few SD models here and there. I’ll be going back to MG reviews again near the end of October or early November.

Once again, I thank you all for coming here and checking out my contents! I much appreciate it! :D

7 thoughts on “FULL DRILLIZED!!!

  1. i like everything. the simplicity, the pics, reviews. everything’s really casual, its as if i was talking to a friend. haha anyways keep it up man! you’re doing great.

    SD reviews ftw!

  2. Actually you have pretty much answered your own question; I like the content/reviews, photos of (W.I.P + completed kits)& simplicity(the previous white theme, not the current)

  3. The reviews. Loads of pics, WIP, plus comments about the pros and cons of the gunpla… that’s what make your blog a good one.

  4. Thanks Francis! It’s nice having you here sharing your thoughts on the stuff and all ^^

    Gunstray- Will do!

    Jacques- haha the stuff in parentheses were just for suggestions. and Thanks… great to know you like it here ^^;. I, too, like the simplicity of my previous theme but can you imagine how long the front page will stretch when I add in more stuff? xD

    StarGhazzer- Thank you :D but nothing bad to say about it? hehe

    Feidamu- Getter Drill was probably my first time seeing a drill on a SR.

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