HLJ 00 Clearance

HLJ is currently having a HUGE LOAD of Gundam 00 and SEED models on clearance (among many other things)! 30-70% off! Now that HG 1/144 Exia + GN Arms look oh so tempting… 1/100 Astraea only 1400 yen O_O… aha, I wished I’ve saved my money.

Just like to let you all know :)


12 thoughts on “HLJ 00 Clearance

  1. ehh nothin that interests me as of gundam related products. but there are some figures im quite interested in. say Z is there any complications ordering through hlj? i’ve had no experience dealing with any stores in Japan. well other than tokyoflash.com but they were built for international orders.

  2. The problem with ordering from HLJ is that they will typically charge you as much in shipping as the item costs, and they DON’T combine shipping if you order more than one item… Whereas you can get all the same items for slightly more from a US seller such as tisinc or gundamstoreandmore or hobbywave (my favorite so far!) and only pay 10-15$ for shipping charges within the US (thus, getting it MUCH more quickly). Of course, if you’re after some b-club stuff the story is different, but more mass-available gunpla they’re better (this is of course assuming you’re in the US)

  3. Francis, ordering through HLJ is quite simple and I never had any complications dealing with them for the past… five years. Contrary to what Zircor said, HLJ do combine shipping and you can actually calculate the shipping cost yourself since they provide the weight of the item (I always do this before I order anything). Shipping is only expensive if you choose EMS (comes in 3-4 days with insurance/tracking) and that’s the option I always go for since it gives me the peace of mind that my items are safe. You can save on shipping by choosing SAL or airmail. They’re also run by staffs who knows english so you have reliable communication. I usually use HLJ for their sale items though and not so much for my usual model orders (I use rainbowten.co.jp for that).

    Zircor, if you choose EMS then yea, shipping will probably cost as much as a single model ^^; but if you order multiple, you really do save a bit on saving. I did a big order once last december… this was around like 14+ MGs… I totaled up the price from Hobbywave and rainbowten and despite EMS costed $150 to ship those models from Japan (while HW cost only $10), it was around $40-50 CHEAPER ordering from Rainbowten than from Hobby Wave (Gundamstoreandmore was already too expensive at this point). I always do the math for multiple places before I order anything to see if I really do save or not.

  4. 1/100 Astraea for 1400 Yen (excluding shipping)?! o_O

    I got mine for 168HKD (~2100 Yen) in a local store back then, and I thought that was a good deal already, but this kinda blows me away…

  5. yeup ditto Z. i calculate the total costs from multiple of my stores before i make a purchase. thanks for the input you guys.

    Zircor- yes iam in the US. and a question about tisinc. are they a reliable store? i’ve been to their website numerous times and wanted to try to buy something from them, but their website really seems off to me for some reason. like it’s not legit. can you light some shine on that for me?

    Z – damn dude 14+ MG? insane.

  6. Francis, you should avoid Tisinc. I don’t know about their own online store but their ebay store SUX. Just check their feedback. I dealed with them once (it’s where I got my MG Hyper Mode God Gundam). I paid for over a week after the auction ended and didn’t get my item, emailed them a few times and got no replies so I threatened to file a complaint THEN he sent it. Just that one time is enough for me. Their prices aren’t anything special anyway.

    Q, Yea… that clearance sale made me really depressed too because I bought my Astraea F for $34 at my con T_T

  7. Ah, great, thanks for the tip there Z. Guess i’ll just stick to my regulars.

    Z – if you dont mind listing. What are the 14 MG’s that you bought that one time? just curious.

  8. haha nice. I’ diggin the Ex-S and the Hi-Nu(?)

    hey i heard the Crossbones sucks ass due to plastic to plastic joint. that’s why im hesitant to get the Full Cloth

  9. Francis,

    The closer it gets to Christmas/Holiday season it seems the worse service Tisinc provides. They used to be THE place to get Gundam stuff IMO but it’s been steadily going downhill as time goes by. For instance: A couple weeks ago I ordered MG RX-78-2 V2.0 and a WHITE action base. Got the box for them and there was a black base included. Normally would be fine, except I have a ton of clear ones already, and I had specifically ordered the white one to get with the kit. I email them and ask what was going on, and the say “oh, we were out of stock on the white ones. We’ll refund $3.00 for you.” BS!!! I now remember why I stopped dealing with them a couple years ago, for this same exact reason. Should have contacted me to let me know they were out of stock before shipping, and ask what I wanted to do, not just force the alternative on me. Jerks.

    Anyway, Hobbywave and gundamstoreandmore are much better IMO if you want a US-based dealer. GSAM though, it’s probably better to call them, from what I hear, since they don’t update the website too often. Have had a few friends that live in the area they’re in and say they provide top-notch phone service. Imageanime is good too, but they tend to be out of stock on stuff a lot.

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