Biggest Loot of the Year

I’ve been waiting since MARCH for these to arrive from Japan! AHAHA I was sooo happy when I got home and saw these in my living room! I thought they were never gonna arrive! So much for “90 day waiting period”… Anyway, The boxes are HUGE (bigger than any TV boxes I’ve seen)… nowhere to actually store them >_>;. A strange thing I noticed is that someone cut off the parts code… wonder why they did that for.

One thing I haven’t talked about before here are my other hobbies… this is one of them ^^;. Though I’m not exactly a petrohead, I do like to work on and modify my car for more performance and handling gains.I love to drive! I consider my car as my mech (it’s actually mechs/robots that got me into cars xD). I’ll be slapping these parts on in the next coming weeks and take some photos for you all to see.

EDIT: well… guess I was so excited about the parts that I forgot about actually talking about my own car xD

This is my Acura/Honda TSX/Accord Euro depending on where you are in the world. In the boxes are my Euro R aero parts.

One day… I hope to own a NSX and a S2000 whenever I have such disposable income. Anyone else here into cars? What do you drive? and what would you love to drive?

Back to Gundams… I’ll try to have a load of reviews up tomorrow night. I’m working on random bits here and there right now ^^;