Biggest Loot of the Year

I’ve been waiting since MARCH for these to arrive from Japan! AHAHA I was sooo happy when I got home and saw these in my living room! I thought they were never gonna arrive! So much for “90 day waiting period”… Anyway, The boxes are HUGE (bigger than any TV boxes I’ve seen)… nowhere to actually store them >_>;. A strange thing I noticed is that someone cut off the parts code… wonder why they did that for.

One thing I haven’t talked about before here are my other hobbies… this is one of them ^^;. Though I’m not exactly a petrohead, I do like to work on and modify my car for more performance and handling gains.I love to drive! I consider my car as my mech (it’s actually mechs/robots that got me into cars xD). I’ll be slapping these parts on in the next coming weeks and take some photos for you all to see.

EDIT: well… guess I was so excited about the parts that I forgot about actually talking about my own car xD

This is my Acura/Honda TSX/Accord Euro depending on where you are in the world. In the boxes are my Euro R aero parts.

One day… I hope to own a NSX and a S2000 whenever I have such disposable income. Anyone else here into cars? What do you drive? and what would you love to drive?

Back to Gundams… I’ll try to have a load of reviews up tomorrow night. I’m working on random bits here and there right now ^^;


13 thoughts on “Biggest Loot of the Year

  1. I love cars and Honda ones as well ! I have a Civic VIII the euro version. Here in Portugal we can’t mess around too much though. Even switching the wheels for bigger ones means you will have to go through allot of bureaucracy to legalize it. We can change stuff like the suspension, transition, almost anything in the drivetrain, but not on the engine itself. If the police find out that the power listed in he car documents is no longer the real one you’re busted :P

  2. Nice, you’re into cars as well too huh Z? I was really into cars before but it’s dying out for me. At least in the racing field. I’m going to move onto VIP Style when I get the $$$. What’s your ride? Curious to find out. I drive a Miata. Yeah girly and alla that, but check out some rides on and surely you’ll change your mind (if you think they are girly) (or for any others.)

    My dream car lists includes Rx7(FC and FD), 240Z(Fairlady), Lotus Elise, and couple more I can’t think of. (Yeah i have a thing for two seaters >_<) Haha sorry if i hijacked your thread.

  3. I’ve owned two Ford Mustangs since I graduated high school, right now I’m on a 2003 Ford Mustang GT that’s plenty modified (but so much more I want to do to it). Unfortunately being as I’m in school I can’t afford the maintenance on it (needs about $3-4k in body work, and $5-15k in engine/suspension work). I’m saving up a couple of thousand to get a motorcycle (Honda Shadow in the 750CC range). My dream car ATM is an 07 Shelby Cobra GT500 and a Saleen S7

  4. haha, I am in to cars AND gundams too. I own Lexus IS300 and Acura TL. The TL is for the family, IS300 is the one that I am modding whenever I can. What are those parts by the way? some expensive hobbies we got… what do you do for living?

  5. Awesome! That’s cool some of you are into cars as well! Most people I know are either cars or anime only >_>

    Ravhin, I didn’t know how Civics look like Portugal until I googled it just now. I must say… that looks pretty sweet o_o. Civics in the US look dull compared to that. You are free to change suspension and all those mechanical parts but not wheels? doesn’t make sense xD.

    Francis, nah… I actually think Miatas are cool ^^. Anything lightweight and small with rear wheel drive makes a fun peppy go-kart. I wanted a 2-seater as my first car but practicality and all that stuff limited me to a sedan with an auto tranny. I compromised all I could though and I believe I made the best choice ^_^b

    Zircor, are you a classic muscle car fan? ^^ You seem to like that big classic look even on Honda’s bike. I’ve always wanted a Honda CBR or interceptor myself.

    JB, expensive hobbies indeed… I would have plenty of lunch money right now if it weren’t for them. ^^; Nice that you have both the IS and TL… you have the best of both side in that car segment. I’m just a student with a part-time job constantly slashing pennies, dimes, and dollars here and there throughout the month and year to save up for my stuff. I thought of saving up for these parts months before I even bought my car ^^; Same for my models… I plan at least half a year in advance on what models I want and save accordingly. I very rarely buy anything impulsively (except food).

  6. Its funny you say that you think of your car as your mech. I bought an “RX-78-3” decal for my Mazda 6 (Grey and Silver). If I could afford it, I would love to get into modifying cars, but its a bit expensive.

    Awesome though. Nothing like coming home to a bunch of boxes filled with loot!

  7. Thanks! My wheels are actually by Weds Sports ^^;. haha… everyone I met thought the same when they first saw my wheels. They look similar but the difference is there. The two IS you have there looks really clean. Love the wheels and painted calipers! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red IS before either. And yea, I’m from OR… Don’t know how you could tell from those shots xD.

  8. Damn Zircor American muscle. that’s nice. the new Mustangs have caught my eyes and the Shelby is one hell of a car.

    Z – Ha! aero parts it is. nice TSX man. Honda box threw me off >_< haha but man sweet ride there. and we’re alike on that aspect. save every penny for the hobbies. although i’m a bit of a impulse buy nut. and thanks! yeah same here i like roadsters. there’s just a feeling you don’t get with any other car.

    JB – haha big pimpin. TL and IS. Which one do you prefer? TL all the way for me ^_^

  9. Z – yeah the red IS300 is actually my younger bro’s. he has the same car as mine. I don’t have the pics for TL online yet tho. ur ride looks real clean too. can’t wait to the pics after you put on the parts.

    Francis – haha, yeah it somehow worked out that way. I love the TL but it’s all stock right now. As it stands, IS feels a bit sportier for me…

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