Rampage Ghost

Finally! Something to go with Thrudgelmir! These were in the package that I mentioned in my last post. Look forward to their reviews later this week or next.

I’ve made a point to myself to boycott (with very few exceptions) Kotobukiya SRW kits after building the 1/144 R-1 (garbage) and Cybuster until their quality and CRAFTSMANSHIP is worth the price. If I want SRW stuff, it would definitely be these figures. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this Alt-chan and Weis-chan for years now ^^;


8 thoughts on “Rampage Ghost

  1. damn friggin sweet man. i bet it cost you an arm and a leg huh? yeah im kinda there with you on the koto srw kits. the plastic quality is a lot weaker than bandai’s. i have wildfalken and i hate it. i mean it looks good but the joints sucks ass. i also have 1/100 Alteisen scale but i havent built it yet. ill probably stop with these two. but the rein weibritter is really tempting.

  2. Oh, wow, another 2 of those Dengeki figures from SRW? I bet they were not exactly cheap but probably are a good answer for the Kotobukiya kits that leave out a lot to be desired. Looking forward for the pictures, especially of the Alteisen ^^

  3. yes, the R-1 & Cybuster from Kotobukiya were totally horrible and I have them both. :s loose joints after just a bit of posing here and there.

    a real bad experience for me, and has since make me skeptical & to think twice on purchasing kotobukiya kits.


    Any good Kotobukiya kit to recommend?

  4. Francis, you should build your 1/100 Alteisen. I heard its impressive size is more than enough to make up for the flaws ^^; Just check out Beamknight87’s. I was thinking of the Rein Weis to be an exception but… not for $60 haha.

    Beamknight87, yea… after seeing the figures in person, I thought it’s well worth it than its 1/144 counterparts. I’ll be reviewing the Alteisen first ^_^

    Jacques, I feel your pain! One too many times I want to throw them against the wall but I just end up shoving them into their boxes. The only kotobukiya kit that seems SLIGHTLY promising is the Alteisen Riese.

    Gordon, Kotobukiya kits are expensive for what they are compared to Bandai’s MG line-up. You’re paying for what are essentially 1/144 a-little-higher-than-HG details but subpar-HG articulation for the price of the average MG.

  5. Z – ahh yeah i was also looking at beamknight and i was impressed at how his looked. really impressive. and yeah i hate koto’s prices MG prices for non-scales uhh. i wanted Altelion coz it was my monster mech in srw2(gb) and Ibis is quite cute but from dalong’s review it has no weapons >_< just that one mode it has.

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