Platinum Lucifer

Disappeared for two days to relax with friends and catch up with other things ^_^. Here’s the overdue review for the Volks SRW OG Weiss Ritter. I’ve also added a new “Super Robot Wars” section where the reviews for the Volks figures and Kotobukiya kits (in the future) are stored. 2/3 of the way into October already… geez, time is flying! That’s great though because I’m more than ready to get back into MG reviews at the start of next month.

With the yen going up (along with the dollar going down), almost 1 usd=100 yen, it gets a bit tough trying to buy loots from Japan at the moment ^^;. I’m mainly looking for supplies right now (hello Flat Coat) and there doesn’t seem to be any US sites that have the stuff I want orz.

oh, and…

Best. Car. Commercial. Ever