Tare-Danny and Mascots

After seeing DC member Chun’s Tare-Danny drawing I couldn’t resist not getting its Teeshirt. It just look incredible cute xD. Hopefully if I wear this shirt outside long enough, fellow DC members might reveal themselves when they identify me ^^;. Though I think I would have a lot more luck doing that in Japan or Singapore than in the US…

I’m bound to get some “wtf” looks on this by friends and foes alike xD

9 thoughts on “Tare-Danny and Mascots

  1. Francis, depending on where you live in Cali, you might actually be able to do that literally since that’s where they’re located xD

    Rady, That’s really daring!

    Gordon, yea I was surprised too even though it came up from the state right below mine. Post yours up too when you do get it ^^

  2. Z,

    looking good on you. not too sure on the ‘wtf’ looks but I’m guessing you’ll be a head-turner and drawing another look from the people you walk past with this shirt. Girls would definitely love these cute tare-characters on your shirt.

  3. Suki, Thanks… it’s definitely a nice shirt and well worth it ^^

    Jacques, Thank you and you’re right… the shirt was a head turner to both my friends and strangers xD. The girls all thought it was cute too which is a bonus aha.

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