Me Birthday

Though my birthday was actually last Sunday, My friends took me out yesterday to this awesome Thai restaurant to celebrate (I LOVE Thai food!). At the end, I received some surprising presents from them ^^;

Aside from a brand new pair of Dunks, I got an anime figure and a L plushie.  I never would’ve thought my friends would choose such presents… wonder where they get the idea? xD I mean… I don’t even collect figures because they’re so expensive. Though I have no idea who/what/when/where/why this girl is and from, she is really cute though, complete with what seems to be nekomimi and a tail o_o.

I tried looking up the name and everything but yielded nothing ^^;. Guess it’s a custom art figure? I don’t know how to look and review such figures but she seems to be well sculpted and painted. I’m liking how I can swap between different pantsu xD. I don’t want to take this figure out of its box though since it’ll look a bit out of place with all my Gundams and I don’t want to start thinking “hmm… I need another figure to go with her…” and then we can probably guess where that’ll lead to…

Anyone have any ideas who/what she is?

Side note: seems like it’s not safe for me to browse blogs and sites on the weekends and possibly on Monday since there’ll most likely be talk about the latest 00 episode… and I’ll get spoiled. Gah…

9 thoughts on “Me Birthday

  1. it’s not?? i tought only strike witches have nekomimis and tails… LoL… (*wonders how many other animes that has this kind of genre)

    Owh yah, happy belated birthday to the cool gundam modeler… hehe…

  2. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!

    Jacques, I thought that too when I saw the plane but then I was wrong and at a lost for words xD

    Super Gentleman, looks like I need to watch Strike Witches to know what you guys are talking about..

    Gunstray, Thanks for finding that out for me!

    Francis, Fun is always good to have from time to time. I sure did enjoyed it ^^

    Feidamu, I don’t think it’s a Mecha Musume… she is only holding a plane xD

    Ngee Kiong, Thanks! I definitely will! It’s one thing we’re all passionate about here :D

  3. Happy belated birthday!

    Hope you had a nice time, and looking forward to see more of your gunpla reviews! Btw nice plane there~ :P

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