GFF0013 PLAN 303E Deep Striker

With the review for the GFF Deep Striker completed, I’m finally done reviewing all the GFF I have! That being said, I’ll be returning to model reviews at full blast at the start of November all the way till the end of the year. Hopefully, I’ll finally be able to build my MG Force Impulse and Crossbone X-1 Full Cloth.

On model related news… after seeing the straight built MG Sinanju at Ngee Khiong, I am almost completely put off by it. From the way it looks, it seems more like Bandai decided to not make the gold trim parts. If kotobukiya can do it for their models, how come Bandai won’t? It’s pure laziness on their part and on mine for not wanting to put out the effort to paint them in (then again, I thought MG were supposed to come detailed with the right plastic color… especially for 7000 yen!). I will eventually get it when I find myself not lazy enough to work with paint again like I did with my MG Unicorn but for now, I can wait. MG Infinite Justice is still on my GET list on top of a few other kits… maybe grabbing it around December.

Update: Ugh… 1 USD is now less than 100 yen… orz