Fix Figurations

Now that I’m done reviewing all my GFFs, I was finally able to reorganize my display shelves a bit. Here are some quick photos I took. Think of this as a “closing ceremony” to showcase my line-up. xD

Right Tower

My other Deep Striker

The two Zeta Plus, Full Armor ZZ Gundam, and the first Ex-S Gundam

Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha, Full Armor Gundam Mk II, Nu Gundam HWS, FA Hyaku Shiki Kai

That one thing from Odysseus Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Xi Gundam, God Gundam

Gundam X, Gundam G05, the two F91, GP04, and Wing Ver. ka

Left Tower

Cannot fit inside the case for an obvious reason

We all know who this is

Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, X-2 and X-3. HARRR!

A clear RX-78-2 Ver. Ka, Not-so-Perfect Gundam, FA Gundam with the blues, and FA “love child of Zeta and Gundam Mk II” Gundam Mk III
And an empty shelf in the event I ever get another GFF again (hello there, 1/100 Zeta Plus…) but this is all for now. So yea… all my stuff gets shelved after reviews with a good chance that I’ll probably never take out again ^^;

9 thoughts on “Fix Figurations

  1. those are Ikea shelves? You seem like a smart shopper!

    I bought a few of the first Gen. pre-built rubber Gundams and they were really bad quality.
    I don’t own any FIX sets though, and you seem to have a lot.
    Do you think the FIX quality is worth the price of a Master Grade kit?
    those white bases come with the kit or did u make them yourself?

  2. Mind if I ask how much you invested on GFF’s? That’s one impressive collection but despite their small size, it is well know these figures are not especially cheap. More so when sometimes they even surpass the price of a MG which in my opinion, I like better because of all the entertainment it offers in the matter of building, painting, detailing and playing with it once in a while.

  3. Potato, yea… they are the DETOLF shelves. GFFs cost a lot for different reasons than MG models. What GFF lacks in built quality, they more than make it up in detail quality. GFF’s sole purpose is “mechanical art”; just stand there and look sophisticated. All the white bases come with them… though some doesn’t have any. I honestly don’t think they’re worth the price but I appeciate them for what they are ^^;

    Beamknight87, I honestly don’t even have an estimate ^^; I bought most of my GFF within two months last year after trying out my first few, barring the ones that came out later. It’s not as much as it seems though because I actively dig out the cheapest price I can find ($20-30) and buy them in bundles to save shipping. But no matter how you look at it, even if you count each shelf up there as $100 (which is most likely not)… that still almost amount up to $1000…

  4. I hear ya brother,

    My collection is up there too…such an expensive hobby we have! I never even thought of Ikea for shelving. I hope you don’t mind if I piggy back on that idea, I really need some nice cases and the Detolf shelves look perfect!

    The GFFs look great, very nice collection!

  5. Aptkane, ikea never crossed your mind for shelves? I actually got the idea from everyone else who collects figures and models xD

  6. That’s indeed a nice collection you have there. if only I had more time I would start on my MGs I have bought. Do you have to do anything to the GFFs?

  7. hi,

    nice collection !

    i’d like to know what you think about the GFF line in general, and especially concerning the articulations and the “playability”.
    in your opinion, which are the 3 best GFF ?

    did you get the SUPER HCM PRO RX-78-2 (1/144) ?
    How would you compare it to a GFF ?

    thanx for your answer, and sorry for my frenchy english…

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