Another Strike…

Getting a jumpstart on my next MG. If there’s anything I hate about Bandai, it is color variations and milking the same Gundam over and over and over so that is why I’m just gonna get this Strike model out of the way. I’ll let you guess which pack it is ^^

I’m also trying to forcefeed myself Eureka 7, Aquarion and Gravion so that I have at least SOME series to relate to when I start SRW Z… mm.. Z..


10 thoughts on “Another Strike…

  1. I have the same feeling that it’s launcher/sword strike.. and it can’t be iwsp,cus it’s blue torso should be slightly darker than this.

  2. Q, your post just made me rage a little ahahaha. I was already aware of Bandai’s milking but seeing the actual time interval between each model and how long it’s been made it worse xD. Reusing parts from a model made 5 years ago… *shakes fist at Bandai*

    Gunstray, I would if it was a model… honestly, I can’t get myself to watch pass episode 1 of E7 >_>. Can’t really watch something like that after finishing Gurren Lagann…

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